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A 5 Year Old's Perfect Rendition Of The Star Spangled Banner

Christina Aguilera just failed miserably at this last Super Bowl singing the

Star Spangled Banner. Here it is sang perfectly by a 5 year old.

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Its a really hard song. 



Anyone remember this train wreck of it?



My whole thing on this is, it was just the Super Bowl, where a bunch of men in tights dance around with a ball hugging and touching each other. =P 


Now if it were some kind of military ceremony or national ceremony like an Inauguration where it would get sung wrong, then I would understand people being pissed off. But it was just the Super Bowl, mistakes are always made at the super bowl. Thats why one group of men in tights beat the other group of men in tights. 

IMHO at the beginnings of Professional Sports is, just about, the only times that we ever hear our National Anthem. If it isn't sang correctly (and most of the time it is not sang correctly) then it shouldn't be sang at all. 


At the line: "O'er the land of the free" in the middle of the word "free" the singer is supposed to go up an octave or so. If this does not happen then it has been sung incorrectly. Please listen the this 5 year old's rendition to hear what I am talking about. She has perfect pitch.

I guess my general lack of ability to care about what happened really stems from the fact I don't really care a lot about sports in the first place. I'll watch basketball every now and then, but football doesn't interest me. 

I'll also watch soccer during The World Cup, in which yes, I'd say it would be very important to sing our national anthem correctly as at that point we are representing ourselves to the other nations playing in The Cup, as well as the rest of the world. 


Another thing that gets me about singing The National Anthem at The Super Bowl is its always a star that comes on stage and does so. Why not pick out a regular citizen that isn't too well known but has an AMAZING voice to do so? That is also able to get rid of a possible fear of a large audience for a moment. Leave the "Stars" for the half-time show, find true American talent for the National Anthem. Maybe then I'll pay more attention. 

Every singer pulls little tricks here and there to get around their own vocal limitations.  Its a near impossible song to do and although the girl in the video does it well and way better than what is normally seen it is still not perfect and she uses a tool or two in there to compensate for her lack of perfection.

I've searched youtube over to find someone sing the anthem flawlessly and have never found it.  The closest thing I found was also a young child... coincidence I suppose.


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