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Anybody miss going to the video store to rent that just released today Movie you didn't get to see in theatres? or that game you really wanna try to see if you like before buying it? I do, i very much do, crap like Netflix ruined that. I despize netflix! all the movies on their are already months to years old, It's a rare site to see a title that's only 28 days old. How services like mailing dvd's to your door and streaming ruined the good old video store is beyond me, however for a canadian like me i find netflix very dissapointing, and Hilarious to say, 8$ a month not spent well. So i've done some research as to alternatives, their are many, of course the majority of them have their ups and downs and still have the old collection that netflix does. Up here in canada we DO NOT HAVE ANY Remaining video stores wut so ever, the last liquidation is Rogers Video witch is now for their netflix like feature, We've got nothing, No block busters left here nothing, just Netflix.

I found some alternatives

Block buster online


-Claims to get the latest titles 28 days sooner then netflix and other services

-Fast, cheap Mail service like netflix

-Has Video Games still! And ships the NEWEST ONES!

-Streaming service 


-I think it takes a couple weeks still for even them to get the newest titles.

^^^ I'll be watching this con to see if it becomes a pro.

-On demand streaming service only available in the United states (only a con to me lol)

-The dvd service and streaming service are not included in one plan.


omg this one i just recently discovered, it is owned by wal-mart, and they literally have coming soon dates for the newest releases, and they get the titles available for shipping and streaming the day their released in retail stores! AND their very cheap.

Enough said? i don't know of any cons yet, as this is the next one i am going to try.

it has full device support just like Netflix, only i have not seen an App on the iphone or android for it yet. And their have been complaints about the number of videos that can be streamed and watched on x number of devices.



-Kiosk Machine! Credit card, Debit Card, Cash!

-Conveniently Located in your town or city

-Large selection of newest titles

-Very much like going to the video store again

-Can Purchase or rent to purchase from machine


-No online service for streaming or renting (Although i here it's being planned)

-Vending machines are not located everywhere yet, although their are alot out

-Machines can only hold so many of the movies, so that title u want may not be their.

-A law suit witch ended in an agreement to not put out the latest movies until 28 days later is supposively in affect, unless i read wrong. This is to safe guard actual sales.


This one is owned by bestbuy i believe, They are pretty much like netflix and blockbuster and Vudu, only i'm not sure if they do the dvd and blu ray shipping thing.

They do however have PS3 PC/MAC and Blu-ray player/HDTV wi-fi device support, although it doesnt appear to be as FULLY compatible with everything as netflix, This shouldnt hurt it though, Has fairly new titles, and claims to be same day release, but i havn't found that claim to be entirely correct, will keep an eye out on this one though.

Anybody else wanna ad to the list over the next few months (as this site is dead)


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for me i try to get it on iTunes,amazon  youtube or hulu   bc netflixs does not know what they are doing 99.9 % of the time seems like i see they name in the news alot. and with the others yaaa no!

i find itunes to be horrible software lol. Youtube is not legal. Hulu is available only in the US, so doesnt work for me. Netflix doesnt no crap 100% of the time, people think the selection is worth paying 8$ a month instead of getting titles the same day they hit the shelves avail for 3-6$ To Rent like you would of normally from a video store.

I have stumbled upon several that have the latest stuff people wanna see that netflix will not have for months, maybe even years.

Itunes work for me 90% of the time when I use it.YouTube has a Movie place that you can pay to see most Movies for like $3.99. If they have it on there were you are. And yes i was paying $8 a month just for i can see tv shows i miss and love.i have a family Video were i am. and had a Blockbuster just 2 block from were i am.

I never new youtube did that, actually yes i do seem to have the option here, ty very kindly for the suggestion. iTunes is kind of a rough software to run on a windows computer, APple's selection is pretty good though. ANd apparently they make adapters that allow you to use the iPhone or ipod touch and stream it through your tv.

Witch is pretty good, although i have yet to stumble accross anything more then Composite cables, witch brings up the issue of Picture quality and lack of high definition, Although i already know this is available on itunes.

You can read here

the whole story on Blockbuster and what happened to the chain in canada.

their are 3 additional links in their to it as well.

^^ u'll see why im not happy with the american companies right now.

thxs!! i go look at it . that's the down side of any American CRAPaneis. I meen all all for things here in the U.S but ....nothing stays/last here

Try crackle 

the movies are way to old lol

Amazon with Prime membership for sure. But I have to admit, their layout isn't the best to find movies.

Love film

do i wanna no what love film is.

I like netflix, it does the job well. However, if you want to rent a movie online to watch... I think Zune, again I think... has good selections. Vudu is another good one I have used before, and thats about it. Other wise I would go to my local Ingles (small store that has a video/video game rental place) and rent a movie or something. 


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