Who would win?
The incredible Chuck norris who shot a plane down by pointing his finger and saying"bang"...

...Or the powerful Jedi Master Yoda who put the point to "Size Matters Not"?

This battle has gone on for quite a while. From You Tube videos, to ChuckvsYoda.com, it is a never ending battle that only fate can decide now.

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Chuck Norris wins he is such a natural force of nature all he needs is his bare fists and his axe kick, he has never needed the force or a light saber as an aide to help him out. Chuck Norris's spit is so powerful, it could put out a light saber. The only force that Yoda will feel after meeting up with Chuck Norris is the force of Chuck Norris's axe kick cleaving Yoda in half.
Chuky wins
Chuck will dismember you...Yoda lives in the Star Wars universe.

Pick your fate.
Don't you mean Yoda hides in the Star Wars universe. He He He :)
That is because he heard Chuck was coming after him.
go chuck !!!!! u can take him .

Chuck Norris!! Yay!!!!!
bleh, ppl make chuck norris look so powerful and great, how can a normal human put up against a lightsaber and the force?, so dumb, all chuck norris has is taekwondo...
um...boy this is really hard but i think even though theyre both old theyre not matched up good because Yoda has powers and could cheat so I think him would win he would.
I think Yoda, cut Chuck Norris in the half.
neither.....Jack Bauer would swoop in at the last minute and kill them both with a McGyver like weapon that he made out of a pen
Oh come on, anyone knows that Chuck Norris would win.


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