Do you think Windows XP is out of date and needs to be left behind? Do you think it looks old? Please post your opinion here. Do you think it would need some major upgrades to compete with modern Operating systems, or do you think it's just fine and gets the job done? thanks.

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Nope, I am running 2 xp machines, yet to upgrade to 7 yet though, might skip Vista all together
I still use xp for everything i do.
i run xp pro 64 bit. i considered vista on a few occasions due to the xp pro 64-bit sp2/nvida/ati driver triangle of greater blue death. but i upgraded my sli setup to a single card.

as far as looks go i turn off most eye-candy features anyway. While my machine can esily handle any and all eye-candy performance is performance and if i can squeeze a 0.5% performance increase out of my hardware by disabling eye-candy i will.

i like XP alot, it took a while to get in my blood, but it really is a very stable OS.
Out of the 6 computers that are in my radio studio, only one has vista. And that comptuer dosent have a very big job. They rest of them are 64 bit xp besides one 32 bit that runs SAM Broadcaster. Theres still people using windows 2000 on a daily basis and are more then capable of getting xp or even vista. They here is stability. I tested out SAM Broadcaster on vista and it needed to rebooted at least once a day. With xp I can leave it run for weeks on end with no issue at all.
XP till windows 7. :P
I'm still running XP - I will try windows 7. If it turns out to be no good like vista, I'll stick with XP. Simple :)
Thats what I wanted to hear Doris! Thank you!
i have xp pro 32bit and vista ultimate 64bit and waiting for windows 7
Yes, I do. I have a feeling as more apps get developed to take advantage of the features in Vista, XP will be even more so outdated. Face it, the operating system is 8 years old, and had its fair run, not to mention since then there were many devices that have been released (that Vista has the drivers for) and technologies released that NT6 (Vista) has been designed for, that NT5.1 (XP) hasn't.
Then as the amount of 4GB or more of RAM becomes more mainstream, face it, XP x64 has been seen to be very unstable in many cases compared to Vista x64, plus, if you have 4GB of RAM, I'm pretty sure you have a machine that is very capable of handling Vista.
if there is any app that requires XP, Virtual Machine software existed, which, if you have a machine that can handle Vista, or better yet, Vista x64, a virtual machine shouldn't be an issue.
So, if you have a machine that can handle Vista, and you can afford to get an OEM copy through Newegg for around $100, get it.
Vista is better than XP, but depending on situation, it isn't.
Holy cow! They're going to hold onto XP until 2014? I bet they'll drop Vista support at the same time since it sucks. I'm hoping Windows 7 will be better. We'll have to see though!
Vista isn't bad at all, after SP1 is good and stable.


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