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yesterday night i updated my FIREFOX to v3.6 from v3.5 and i found that
  • the main add-on of mozilla FIREDOWNLOAD is not compatible with v3.6  (i need it as my net speed is horribly slow for downloads , i am just nothing without it)
  • it is slow compared to v3.5

and recently i have seen some discussions on firefox being slow,
do you know any other problems related to firefox or any browser you use?

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Stick with Firefox 3.5.7...until there's a stable version for Firefox 3.6
honestly, I downgraded from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 3.5.7! :) you should do the same too! :)

FIREFOX 3.5.7 link download below

Half the time all they need to do is change the line of code that has the version numbmer that supports it. Give them time to update the plugin, maybe it's made by a team or individual who doesn't have the time or resources to update it as fast as people would hope.
I upgraded to Firefox v3.6 RC2 and it was compatible with all the add-ons I use, plus it was faster! Then a weeks after installed the official release was available so I upgraded to that and it was even faster and not problems at at all!
Well it should be expected that some addons don't work, and they have to be updated. When I first upgraded one of my addons didn't work, and then two days later it was working again. And 3.6 seems faster to me than 3.5.7.


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