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Hi, my name is David and I am currently enrolled in High School (11th Grade). As a career, I really want to go into something along the lines of computer programming. Mainly, what I want to do is work for a British company, Jagex. If you haven't heard of them, they are the makers of the widely successful MMORPG called RuneScape with over 105 million active accounts. RuneScape is run primarily on a Java-like code. I really want to be a programmer for them or if that's not possible, I would like to work for Microsoft being a software programmer/designer. I also wouldn't mind making computer games (if that adds any additional value).

My question is what are the best colleges (mainly in the US/England) for computer (software/application) programming? So far I have found a list of the top 20 colleges ( but I would like to know what colleges the community here at Geeks would like to add to the list, and for now, price isn't much of a problem so you can exclude that.

Thanks for all of your help in advance,

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Well, I jumped the gun before reading your entire post and did a Google search, and was prepared to post the exact same link that you did. Sorry, you already did what I would do to help in this case.

Good luck in your future endeavors as a programmer!

all I can think of is MIT
IMO there is no "best" collage for programming,,,

Its actually what u can do with codes... there are plenty of people out there who can do as much as a collage grad..

Start making programs and build your portfolio

Hope this helps...
Rutgers University has a good Computer Programming program they are in the 20s in the tops in the US I believe it is like 24. Like your link shows though the programs are called Computer Science, which is different then just Computer Programming, if you've done your research into what exactly Computer Science is then alright, but if you haven't I highly suggest you look into what Computer Science entails because it is a lot different then just learning computer programming and being able to program games or anything you want.

Rutgers programs also teaches you in Java as the language you learn.

You might also want to look at school who offer Software Engineering and look at what that is.
ok but then u could learn it from google search... and also from wikipedia... computer programming..
but then it would be quite hard...
i didnt learn yet computer programming
Full Sail in Florida and Digipen both have leading Computer Programming programs. I personally go to Full Sail. Thous the program is centered around mostly C++. There are however plenty of chances to learn things outside the program, as well as network a fair bit. But for random languages an a variety of different things a specialized school wouldn't really be the best choice. However Microsoft likes you to have a PHD for most of there positions above Junior Programmer from what I've heard from friends of friends. For a more well rounded experience without having to do a lot of out of school work you mind as well just pick from the list and take whatever they offer. Though to do well you're going to need to take the initiative and learn on your own. Programming is a highly competitive field that requires a lot of personal work to really do well in. Hope that at least kind of answered your question.
Wow, thanks a lot guys for all of your responses, I really appreciate it. I know that I will need to learn a bit on my own. In fact, I'm planning on taking a Java programming course sometime soon along with learning some stuff on the internet.
ooo ok then.. that is good.. learning from the internet.... thats great for you david
I might be a little bias here, but the University of Utah has a pretty solid Computer Science department. It's a research University with ties to many important developments in computing history and people.

Here's the link for the school of computing. Wouldn't hurt to check it out.
jorge its not bias... all the university is open for all the students to study... nothing bias... in all the countries there is maybe some bias
I suggest CollegeAmerica; it is accredited by the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges) and offers a computer programming degree at the bachelor’s level. The duration is 36 months but you have the option to complete the course in less than the normal completion time and you can start working for Jagex as soon as possible!
heya.. i am not from ur country.. so i just wish you all he best for your future.. just work hard and you will surely get success.. :)


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