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With Christmas coming up and all I thought this maybe a little fun.

1977 HESS Gas tanker .... had working headlights and taillights.

Used to get these every year

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sega megadrive

the Big Die-Cast Voltron (recalled, but that didn't stop me!) - no question.
Jem doll, teddy ruxpin, & the glow worm!!
I used to love all these toys when I was a little kid:

1) Voltron
2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3) M.A.S.K.
4) Masters of the Universe
5) G.I. Joe
6) X-Men figurines
7) Batman figurines from the first movie
8) Star Wars (new and old)
9) Green army men, & red/tan/brown cowboys & indians!
10) Lego (I used to build lego castles and then play a game with two teams of lego men and a six-sided die. Rubber bands were used for cannon shots)
11) Power Rangers (yes, I am guilty of getting my dad to spend money on these abominations)
12) Of course every videogame system from Intellivision & Atari up to XBOX.
13) My dad had this revolutionary war chess set that was really cool. George Washington was the king and the drummer boys were the pawns.
14) Hero Quest
15) Magic: The Gathering trading card game
16) Spellfire trading card game
17) Star Wars trading card game

sheesh I could go on...
Before the internet, I thought I dreamed up this toy: The Fuzzy Wuzzy memories are foggy, this must've been around 1967 when I three or four, but the bear was inside the soap, when the bear was 'liberated', you put it in the window sill to gather dust and get fuzzy.

Kind of like 'Rosebud' for me.
I had, what many called, a Truck Bike. I remember one time that I crashed it into a friends bicycle, by mistake, and his Banana Seat Bicycle smashed into pieces.

Remember the 1960's and 1970's GI JOE Action Figures. Who didn't grow up the GI Joes. Almost 12" tall, moving parts, 75 different types of accessories and many different kings of soldiers ranging from Astronauts to Nurses. Originally created in 1963, G.I. JOE was inspired in part by a TV show called "The Lieutenant." as the following website begins the history:
Ever notice how the modern action figures have been put on steroids?
Yeah my dad has always put macs in front of me.

Well, I can't believe one of these was my fave toy! Bizzie Lizzie.

Typical stereotype! :p

Talking Chrissy doll was one too.

I was born in 1967 so there you go.
My beloved Raleigh Chopper

That's me on the right ------>


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