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I watched Chris' review of three pocket HD video cameras (Creative Vado HD, Kodak Zi6, and the Flip Mino HD), out of which the Creative Vado HD came out on top. After looking around for more options on the internet, I came across the Aiptek line of pocket size budget HD video cameras.

The one that caught my eye was the Action HD GVS sporting a host of nice features. 5x optical zoom, 1080p (though the resolution at 1440x1080 doesn't really seem right), 720p at 60fps, and pocket sized small camera with a swivel screen.

The reason this is something I'm considering is mainly due to that last feature, the swivel screen. The content I wish to produce is mainly for youTube and 720p at 60fps is great. The ability to change the screen's position is of importance to me because I can film myself easier and frame shots better at different angles.

What do you all think of this model, or any Aiptek model in terms of quality, usage, and bang for the buck? It is a budget priced camera and by no means do I expect the same quality of something priced at $700. Is going for the Aiptek worth it?

Here's a link to amazon for the model I am looking at:


Thanks everyone!


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