I need help 

1) The best product to extend my wireless network range (My phone gets no signal in my room and no signal in my garden) Mac product maybe

2) I would like to set up a FTP file server or something as i have people who work for me and need to send me over large file a FTP is good because i can just add things to the folder they need and so on. ANY HELP ON HOW TO SET ONE UP

3)What is a VPN

4)I just got a iMac what the best accessories  for it  e.g external hard drive etc...

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VPN is Viral Private Network.

Get a wireless that is VGN and N rated as well. Go with Net gear NDR 3700 if you chose a dual band router.  That should solve your problem.

I went from a single band end router to a dual band and I can get though 2 walls from eighty feet.  A dual band will block any interference.   I have a shop in my back yard that is 80 feet away and the signal has to go  through two walls.  I have no problems at all.  Good luck.


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