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How should I organize my files on my external hard drive?

Hello, yesterday I bought an external hard drive from Best Buy called the "My Book" by Western Digital. And I am going to be using it for all my media, files, folders, and downloads. But how should I organize these files? so far I can't make a good enough layout of folders. I am running Leopard OS X on my MacBook by the way. And I need a simple, easy to navigate folder solution. How do you organize your files on your computer? How do you organize your media?

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Well, on my computer I organise my files, the default way. With Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Music.

In the pictures folder I've got folders for different occasions and a folder for my photoshop projects, in the Videos folder, I've got a few folders for different DVD rips and Television Series, and a folder for my YouTube projects and in the music folder, well, I organise everything basically through iTunes, so the folder is a big mess. :P
I organise mine by what they are i.e. Docs in Docs Folder, Pics in pics folder and then Media i have 3 inside for Music,movies and tv
i manually create folders and sub folders, like say for videos i use my secondary drive, so i create a folder called videos, then inside i create the sub folders of dvd, music videos, anime, tv shows, ext. and my music folder has every artist manually entered into its own folder. it takes a while at first but maintaining it is no problem.
Hi Brian
So I am taking your advice--my computer is a mess. Under Desktop I have Public and Users and Hoffmann (my last name) and Network and Recycle Bin and Control Panel. Documents and photos and music are scattered throughout. Can you help me get started?
u may try adobe digital edition for the pdf files, and for the pics use picasa.
For powerpoint - i also in search plz let me know if u get any. thanx
i have run out of HD space on my internal. so these are going to be actual files on my external.

i barely keep anything on my internal, except for application files and music.
I have my media files stored on a external drive as well, here is how my layout goes.

> Music
> Movies
> Pictures

For new folders if you have more just add a folder within the media folder, that is how I do good luck finding a good layout.
I organize my files in folders.
Make sure to file the registration. I've had a few of those in the past and they died.

My file structure is based on version numbering, and automanaged by a CVS (sourcesafe and wincvs + tortoisecvs)
all my audio is organised by iTunes.
All my photos are organised into events by iPhoto.

I made a folder for al l my garageband projects.

A good thing to know is that you can navigate trough your folders by pressing the first letter of something in that folder to navigate to it. This also works on windows. I hope you know what I mean, because I don't know how to explane it.
Ok so Mac, makes this a bit trickier actually....but there are progs that can help your best thing at your disposal would be the auomator app that comes with Mac...(Tutorial for automator).

Music - You can do this 1 of 2 ways; #1 Use a virtual Windows on your mac to install MediaMonkey and have it by itself find all your music across our HDD and then have it auto organize it and the delete the old folders (I use MM on my Win7 Vienna6 Machine, love the prog). #2 is use a prog called Amarok which isn't 100% yet (works on Mac, Linux, and Win) but can work and use it on your mac to search your music on the portable HDD and find all your music and organize all the tags on it, then have it redistribute all the music files into separate folders like MM does (problem is, I haven't tested this prog on a mac yet and briefly tested it on my Win machine....

Videos - Best way to sort video files, now that is a a hard one, I'm looking for 1 myself that will organize, tag, and label all my movies, tv shows, etc.. If I find one, I'll let you know.

Pictures - Someone already said Picasa and I totally agree, though I'm not sure if it is avail on Macs, I don't own one sadly... But I know the prog Xee is pretty amazing as well (I still would use Picasa though ofver Xee or iPhoto)

Documents - Now this area is probably the hardest of all. For me personally I have a different folder for different things that I made manually and separated everything into i.e. School, Resumes, Web Design, Work, Graphic Design, Programming, etc... There is a prog on Mac called Deskbox or Yep or Leap or Papers or Together or (lastly) Yojimbo all will and can help with document organization of all the rest of your files.

(For me that is how I hvae mine setup, but I also have 1 more main folder called Games where I manually sorted out all my roms, emulators, and comp games accordingly i.e. Emulators -> SNES -> Roms -> RPG (genre) -> Final Fantasy (all my games)

Dowloads- I have just a download folder that I download everything into and then delte when it's not needed anymore.

Every app I mentioned here in my post are suposed to all be freeware btw. Good luck and happy times my friend.
my Seagate is organised like so:
>Backup (contains stuff like documents and installers)


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