1.  Where are the stories on how the democrats have been obstructionists in Wisconsin?  The republicans where accused of being obstructionists in the US congress when they couldn't even stop any thing.


2.  Any one notice that when the dems ramed through Obama care the republicans didn't leave the country?


3.  Saw union thugs being dragged out of capitol by police and breaking into the building...and I am wondering, where are the stories about how out of control these people are, leaving live ammunition on the ground around the capital and defacing public property.  After all, weren't the Tea Parties called violent and hate filled, so shouldn't this be considered radical hate.


4.  Michel Moore is sprewing a bunch of hate, there are death threats against republicans...if some thing happens, who si going to be blamed?  Sarah Palin?

Just some thoughts...



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If by entitlement you mean my own life and happiness, then yes.  I have a bigger sense of entitlement than you will ever know.



Compassion? Humanity? 


Compassion would be fighting for the right for each individual man, including the poor, to see 100% of their paycheck, AKA, no income tax, but instead, a luxury tax (Which is a sales tax on non-essential items). 


And you want Humanity? you not only get the government out of health-care, you get the Insurance-companies out of controlling doctors as well. Insurance institutions, Governmental or Private, create a buffer between a doctor and patient when it comes to negotiating payment methods. Thats the human factor of it, AKA, humanity. Bureaucracy IS NOT HUMANITY! 


And what does the UK know about compassion? Whats does the UK know about humanity? When they ban a drug that helps treat Breast Cancer Patients because its too expensive! Compassion my ass. These British women are coming to the US to get treated. 




It was banned because it was still experimental and hadn't passed the trials.


If I lived in the US, I'd be dead by now, because I'm a diabetic and would have to pay for my medication. Which is rather expensive. My insurance would also cost more due to this disease. 

you cannot prove a negative.



1.  I am talking about news papers, every where.

2.  I am talking about leaving to avoid the vote, like the dems in wiss. did.

3.  I can only watch so much.

4.  as Zach said...



I try to remain unbiased by just hating everyone :p


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