If there is a really bad virus on a computer can u get rid of it by replacing the hard drive and memory?

I am trying to fix my friends computer that has a really bad virus for some extra cash and I was wondering if you can get rid of the virus by replacing the old hard drive and memory with new ones?

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Yes but you shouldn't replace anything. You would be better off reformatting the hard drive rather than replacing it. Better yet, try to fix the virus. Try combofix and malwarebytes antimalware. You could also try tdsskiller to check for rootkits. Replacing the RAM in any scenario will not have any effect, unless the RAM is bad. RAM doesn't go bad because of viruses. Replacing the hard drive and reformatting will yield the same results except reformatting is cheaper and faster.

Never plug the computer into the network and never attach its hard drive to another computer.

Or you can reinstall a better version or newer version or a whole completly different operating system and when you boot the disk (which the new operating system is on) just reformat the drive or even of you want switch file formats! 

Yep.   Just do a clean install and use the same Product code that is on  the machine.  Be sure to back up any important files so you don't lose them.


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