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I purchased a DVI to HDMI adapter so that I can use a PS3 on one of my Acer AL2016W Monitors, however because they are not HDCP compliant, it does not work... Any Ideas/Converters??? Comments Welcome

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Get your facts straight Ron, and stop spreading the Microsoft hate. That's all I hear out of you anymore. For your information...Microsoft is not the company with DRM's Apple. They use DRM all over their software and ipods. The Microsoft Zune, and the Zune Marketplace are DRM free music, and have been. You have a way of twisting things around. You can not and will not win a debate on DRM when it comes to defending Apple.

HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and it is a standard invented by Intel...not Microsoft. Again, why do Mac users have to bash Microsoft to make themselves feel better about their Macs. It's senseless. If Macs are so great why did you have so much trouble setting up your PC and router to act as a DHCP client this week? That's a walk in the park for a Windows user...just saying!

I believe all new Mac models shipped since November 2008 have HDCP implemented in them.


Aryeh Goretsky
Nah Ron, I'm not accusing you of anything, but you have to admit that if you do a recent search of your posts on here you often have anti Microsoft tag lines...even when what you're commenting on doesn't seem to be directly related. Maybe you don't even realize that it comes across that's all good.

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about with PC hardware and Microsoft limiting what you do with it. I've been a power user since 1988, and I've never had any of my hardware limited in functionality due to OS restrictions or piracy concerns. Just because some companies use DRM to avoid piracy doesn't mean the hardware you've bought is limited in any legal functionality. Could you give me a couple of examples of what you're referring to here? I'm very curious, maybe I'm just not getting what you are saying.

As for the Zune...come on're really reaching on this one. First of all, NONE of the second generaton or third generation Zunes experienced any issues with the so called Leap Year bug. It was only the original 30 gb Zunes that had the glitch and that was resolved in a days time and a reboot. I didn't even know about it until I read it online a few days later as it was business as usual for my 80 gig Zune.

Microsoft was very generous to the orignal 30 gig Zune owners. They allowed them to upgrade their equipment to the latest and greatest firmware and software designed mainly for the second gen and third gen Zunes. This really impressed and thrilled the original Zune owners, and I'm sure they are more than happy to trade having the most recent options and functionality on their Zunes for a one day freak Leap Year bug that was EASILY resolved in one days waiting time.

For the record Apple has had WAY more bugs and issues with their iPhone and iPod touches then the Zunes have ever had. I really enjoy my iPod Touch 2g, but there are plenty of app crashes and bugs to go along with it, and I use Apples full firmware, and refuse to jail break mine. We won't even go into the iPhone 3g fiasco with bugs and dropped calls on AT&T. Suffice to say there were/are a lot of unhappy Apple campers in relation to this.

Also, I'm not sure why you posted the link to the HDCP info that only confirms what I said in my response. I didn't say that HDCP wasn't a form of DRM. The reason I responded was to tell you that your assumption that is must be another evil Microsoft venture was incorrect. It was invented by Intel, and slamming Microsoft for it was once again...misplaced anger. Also, it's not just a Windows PC's also implemented in Apple's hardware. :)

Have a good day friend!
...and yes dual Samsung 22" 2253LW's are HDCP Compliant, but I don't have any use for it at this point. You should check them out...They are incredible monitors!
Wow, I paid over $300 dollars each when I got mine last summer. You can get them at under $200 at someplaces online. I think I need a third one! LOL.
Acer H213H 1920x1080, full 1080p... So ya HDCP compliant. Works awesome with my PS3 but...wish it had audio out.


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