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When you bring your laptop to a hotel how do you keep it from being stolen? I am about to go on vacation and I don't think I will bring my notebook. I don't really feel safe with it being alone in the hotel room.

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Well, if you don't feel safe leaving it in the room then you should ask the Front Desk to lock it up for you.
Yeah. Usually if you like put it back in its bag then put the bag like under your clothes in a suit case or something you should be fine. Also you could buy one of those laptop locks that hook up to the side of the laptop then wrap that around the desk in the room or something. then for it to be stole someone would have to take the whole desk.
You can also get the rooms that have safes in them. Just lock it in there.
But most of the safes in the rooms are usually too small.
All the rooms that I have been in have had no issues with storing my laptop in them when it was not convenient/practical to take it with me.
............hotel doors have locks on them............
I put it usually in a safe in the front desk. Or I leave it in a bag, inside another bag, hidden somewhere in the room. The small safes in the front desk are perfectly sized for the 13" MacBook.
Buy a screen lock. And also hide it somewhere. You may even want to invest in lojack
I've just decided not to bring my notebook. Just because I want to feel safe!
I've never had an issue with leaving a laptop in my hotel room on the table plugged in. That being said, I only stay at well known hotels/motels that have a good reputation, none of those mom and pop places. The Sleep Inn is usually my choice. Fair prices and nice rooms. Otherwise it is usually Hilton


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