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i have a problem with my computer, it will not let me install any programs that i download.
when i am installing a program it brings up a message saying that the program could not be writen to my program files Huh? its the same for every program that i try to install on to my pc.

any body know how i can fix this ?

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Is it Vista 32bit or 64 bit? Can you open your Program folder in your Hard Disk?
its vista 32 bit. i know i can open my program files thro my HDD im not thick ! but when i install a program half way thro the instalation it says that there is a problem with my program files ! if u read what i said you would understand !
OK, I thought you had a corrupted HD.

Then it is your program that is corrupted.
What do you use to extract it?
so you mean to tell me that evry free and legall program that i download from the internte it corrupted ? i dont think so
Format you computer or restore the system.
typical windows problem :)
sounds like you got limited access to your C: Drive this rarely happens but sometimes XP & Vista do lose there admin permission some how or another.

there few ways i can think of to fix this:

1. try create new account either by going to control panel or using windows disk to allow you create new one using repair install.

2. a Virus can remove admin permissions, try the following:
Windows Explorer
Click on My Computer
Click on C: drive once to highlight it.
Right click and go to properties
Click on security
Make sure administror has full control
Click the advanced tab
Check permissions to make sure administrator (your workstation name) has full control
Click Owner

Make sure administor group in in the change owner to box
Click on administrators group
Click replace own on subcontainers and objects

This will refresh ownership of all your files. Could take hours to go through everything.

3. cant think of much else, sorry.

sonya seriously stop vista bashing, we know by now you don't like vista but it does work for a majority of people, i have personally used it for month and enjoyed it, and i use all 4 Major OS's daily XP,Vista,Mac,Linux
It work for people that does not do much with their computer.
Thus I made a forum about this situation.
I didn't had major problems with Vista on months, people complain a lot about it.
i did evrything you said it it still saying the same :(
Strange, i would format.


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