need an unbiased opinion on buying a new computer ?

Ok guy's and galls this has probably been asked about a million times on this site and others but im looking to buy a new computer (Hazzarr). and i was wondering if anybody could help me its not a war but i have brought it down to iMac or custom built pc i will be using it for a little bit of game playing and doing other assorted things like college work and all the other norm and i would like to get into a little bit of other things like video editing and what not sooooo... if you kind people could assist me it would be grate the price is at no concern at this point im just weighing things up thanks a gazillion :D

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P.S i also get around 20% off apple as i work in Mc'donalds please don't laugh that i work in Mc'donalds :(

If you're hoping to get into video editing and so on, then the iMac is the way to go. There's more software choice for one (on top of the fact you can install Windows on it too and have access to the full software library of both platforms).


Also if you're at college, you'll want something that's reliable, so again, iMac. Not because it'll never break (all tech breaks), but because it'll be covered under warranty rather than having to deal with each individual component. You can just take it to Apple and they'll fix it, and you'll be on your way with very little down time. Your computer dying is the last thing you want in the middle of writing a term paper or whatever.


On top of that it's easier to move around. It's just all one unit lol. If you're going to be in a dorm or something it'll take up less space, and dorms are tiny, so every inch is precious!

thank you i think i will take this into major consideration and yes less down time is the key point for me as i work in networking plus they have the new thunderbolt so i think the Mac is a must buy thank you for your help :D

Mac there quick,easy the best i had windows now mac

build your own pc.  go to the online stores for geek hardware's  like tiger direct  and other sites.

find the motherboard you want and get the ram and hd's and other stuff you might even see a bare bones kit you want to buy and put together for a cheap price.

but you will still need to buy the operating system to put on it.  and some software.  you can get freeware from and to fill your system with and protect it and fix it or tweak it.

but if you had computers for some time you know that.  its just basic answer for newbies.

still i'd build one.  awh shucks i've built 3 of them already including this one here.

prices are good service is good except on powersupplys i've had both good and bad luck from online buy's of ps units.

last few i've bought at local brick and morter pc repair shop.


yep building your own is the way to go as you can get just the hardware you want and not have to get all that bundled junk software that comes with machines you buy on tv.  remember though you need good antivirus and a good firewall.   i suggest  the free AVG but you can buy it if you want its many features you have to pay for.  same with the firewall get PrivateFirewall  its free but has more features if you buy it that seem to be good.  i use the free stuff.  best of all private firewall is not a slow down program like zonealarm is.

i got rid of zone alarm because it is a major muck up now that checkpoint bought it.

and don't worry about working at micky D's  they just opened an all veggie resturant its in the country of india but hey if it works there it might be started here.

and after all  look at how many people work for them around the world.  you just in one large company.


I can't tell you what computer to buy as that is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves.  However, there are three things that I feel are very important.  As much ram as you can get, a fast CPU and at least 500 gigs on your hard drive.  Now, if you are downloading a lot of music then you might want most hard space.

I have a HP Pavilion with 5 gigs of ram and 500 gigs of hard drive.  My CPU is only 2.8 something and that is what I would like to have more of to make it respond faster.  I pan to get my son to look into if I can get a faster CPU. 

I had never owned an HP until this one and it has truly been a great computer.  I can max out the ram to 8 and probably will sometimes soon.  Good luck.  Go to Tiger Direct and look for the deals they offer with what I suggested and you can buy one for less than 400 dollars.


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