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As of right now, there is no need for moderators as the site is transitioning.

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If you are considering creating a group or are already a Group Admin, please be sure to check out the Group Admins Rules & Regulations at
If at any time someone on this site harasses or bothers anyone, PLEASE feel free to come to me. Your information will remain confidential, and the offending person dealt with appropriately. We will not tolerate anything on this site that makes others uncomfortable, or afraid to log in here.

Thank you!
ok... thanks kat
Where do you go when you have trouble with one of the Admin?
You can send me or Kat a personal message if you are having issues with a Moderator.
i think this is what your looking for?
Image Hosted by
Is there any way to change my email to a specific email address? The random ones just don't work for me.
I don't think so.
I kept trying mine till it was an easy number.
Of course 4 months later I have never used it...
There isn't a way not to get the invites at this time. So just click into each group on the list and where it says "Join/Ignore" just hit ignore.
Annoying I know, that's why I say only invite people you know would like to join a group.
Kissa - Geeks Moderator
Click on the person's profile, then look under their pic for the "Send a Message" link.
how do i change my display pic?
Go to your profile, and click "Change My Photo" which takes you to

Your avatar will be cropped down to 183x183 pixels so make sure that the image is a square and resized so it won't get cut off. and get fuzzy.
You can use for free to do this.
Also check out to make a cartoon YOU.


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