With 4GB of RAM. How do you guys figure this combo will work in my *cheap* gaming rig? How bad do you think it will bottleneck?

Playing mostly Battlefield BC 2, Crysis, Starcraft II, Dawn of War II, various MMOs, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc.

Lots of new games, mostly. I've seen a lot of benchmarks on the 6870 and it looks fantastic, but I am mostly curious to know how much will the CPU effect it (negatively or positively)?

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good system, but with all that good stuff why not just go 8b of ram? im using 4gb, albeit ddr2, but still, i sometimes feel 4gb isnt enough.

Most newer games still aren't 64bit, so they wont use more than 4GB anyway, so unless you're going to be doing lots of multitasking all the time and media creation and stuff, 4 should be good enough for gaming.


The bottleneck will be the hard drive. It's worth investing in an SSD. It'll shove the data the games need into RAM and VRAM much faster than a regular drive.


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