Survey For English Class: Ms Office Vs Open Office

Im writing a paper for my english class about MS Office vs open office and i want to ask the community out there which one do you use? And give your opinion why you use it. 

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Both are loaded on my system but I use neither, preferring  WordPerfect Office because of its classic interface (I have WordPerfect OfficeX6).   

I hate the lumbering, bloated Office Suites like MS and Open with the overloaded menus that just slow you down.

I have Open Source Office, Word Perfect Office 11 and MS Office on my  computer but I find myself using the Open Source most of the time. It is just as good as any of the others. 

I use Microsoft Office 2007 and have used Open Office as well both work pretty good. I like MS because the proprietary design ensures limited glitches from later updates, but I like that open office is free and capable of opening and using any just about any writing programs documents. Though it has been awhile since I have used Open Office but am going to look it up and see how far it has come in the 6 years since I used it.


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