Just got my iPod Touch 4g, with iOS 5.0 installed. I've found tens of tethered jaibreaks, but what about an untethered jailbreak? Are we still of the works? 

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It goes with Development and lenght of it.

Probably is one but a tethered jail break isn't Really all that bad or unstable At all.


if i compared to you a rooted android...u have No clue lol


Rooting on Android is not that hard, but jailbreak on iOS is way easier.

No but Android is Like Windows, It's an Open platform and everything, Rooting is Much more different from a jailbreak, I think anyway.


I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S virbant, Android 2.2, to 2.3 Ginger Bread, And Well let's just say the phone hasn't been the same, and I have tried everything to put it back, and I can't even Run a firmware update or back up as i made none (Stupid me)


an iOS Jailbreak On the Other hand, would damage nothing, and when apple releases the Update, ALL phones, On All providers get the New OS, Android on the Other hand, once released by google, The phone makers get to decide, In this case it took Months to almost 2 Years here, for even ginger bread to make it to my phone and i can't get a stable version onto it. Sad. And 2.3 Would be the last update it would Ever see (Without unstable Rooting of another.

That's one problem on Android, you have to wait for carries to launch an update, and if you don't want to wait, you can root and install another firmware or a custom firmware, and carriers and companies usually don't update an 6 months smartphone, what's is really bad, taking that a smartphone is not really that cheap.

i still have my 2G iPod Touch, i've got updates over 2 years, at least in that Apple is good, jailbreaking is a nice solution if you want your iOS device to do more stuff them App Store can provide you.

I think it will take sometime to develop an untethered jailbreak, it's not that fast to find breaches on closed source software.


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