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What software do you use to edit your videos and why.

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Apple iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro (depending on size and complexity of project)
Adobe After Effects

Apple iMovie - easy to use, fast, powerful enough for most things, cheap as well.

Adobe Premiere Pro - extremely powerful, although not very fast.

Adobe After Effects - the only app for good visual effects, but not very easy to use. Actually, one of the hardest to use of all. (If you learn to use that - photoshop seems like iTunes to use).
i use Roxio Videowave. Its simple like movie maker, but more powerful (can do overlays, chromakey, etc.)

granted, it not Adobe premiere/after effects powerful, its still a good editor in my opinion
iMovie - simple, nice layout, does what I want, how I want.
sony vegas pro, very simple to use yet many advance features for more complex editing

then of course after effects for any special effects
Older version ( VideoReDo Plus. Edits any video I can throw at it from either an analog or ATSC TV tuner without trashing the file like other editors. The newer versions will not handle anything I record with my ATSC tuner.
I use Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Master Suite, and Fx Home Vision Lab.
Final Cut Pro
Premier Pro CS4

Final Cut Pro is the best, they are both industry standard. Mainly Final Cut
Premiere Pro and After Effects: because they're what I know, but I'm open to Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas too.
Pinnacle Studio due to power, ease of use and history
I use Sony Vegas - It's a great software and easy to use. Can do most anything.
I use Kdenlive! It's free, powerfull and for Linux :D
An excellent yet unknown program is The FX Home series; Composite Lab, Vision Lab, Effects Lab... All Extremely powerful programs for both windows and mac.


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