What do you think is better, personally I use VLC Player because it is fast and can play just about anything you throw at it. I don't like Windows Media Player for the simple reason that, it is quite slow and doesn't work all the time, what is your favourite?

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I used to used Windows Media Player a long long time ago, it bulky, ugly no support for .srt subtitles or multiple audio tracks a really over done bad media player (however not as bad as quicktime errr!!!) I also used VLC not so long ago I can say for the most part it played most files without a problem, however for me I have a lot of real media files which will not work in VLC media player. So for my videos I use media player classic (an open source player that looks similar to windows media player classic) and install the vista codec pack, every video file I have ever thrown at it being .rmvb, .rm (real media) .divx .mp4 .avi .mkv .mov etc etc... all seem to play perfectly! If VLC works for your media then I would stick with it, its a great little program with compatible files.
Yea I hate Quicktime lol
I also use VLC , but a few days ago I tried to watch a music video and didn't work. It plays everithing else but not this one..so I opened it with Media Player Classic .. and surprise : it worked ! So I focused a bit on MPC , but than with another music video it only had audio ... no video..so back to VLC wich...worked just fine..so now I keep them both :)
i use vlc since it'll play pretty much any file you have.

windows media player is picky about everything.
windows media player is horrible in my opinion.

vlc is the best one i've come across -- it's lightweight, fast, and will read just about any file type.
Well then, perhaps I will try vlc. Is it all good with mac dude?
VLC media player for many reasons and the main is i don't have to install a codec to run a downloaded xvid file ^_^ yeah i pirate sometimes lol
VLC has always been my number one choice. VLC scales much better to your wide screen than WMP11 in full screen mode - VLC actually goes into full screen mode, where WMP11's full screen mode is only 4:3 even for the wide screen (16:9) format where you get the two inch black bars on all four sides around your displayed video. VLC also has much better audio adjustments and themes for sound quality.

And the best part of all VLC plays all of my retail DVD's no matter what version of Windows, where as Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate's DRM scheme (scam) prevents me from playing back several of my retail dvd's in boxed sets - some dvd's in the box will play where others will not erroring out saying that my DVD's that I have been playing for years are all of the sudden not the proper region code...??! So I just open them up in VLC on the same Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate system and they play fine.

I also like VLC better than WMP11 because to me playing audio or MP3's back sounds better and is much more enjoyable. And let's not forget that VLC gets updates a lot more effectively and frequently than WMP11.
I don't use either, but VLC player is better. I remember using it to capture video from my Xbox to my computer. It did it flawlessly, I was playing Matrix at the time.

I'd love to see WMP do that.
for video i would also have to go with VLC becuase it does play pretty much everything, however Windows Media Player plays pretty much everything to if you load in the Divx Codec so it really depends on what enviroment you like but me personaly i am with you on this one VLC takes it home with me.
I use VLC player because it's just imho really good, but the bad thing is that my laptop (which mind you isn't a bad machine) for some reason cannot run video's in full screen without it skipping from time to time.


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