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Hotmail, Windows live, Xbox Live, Bing, and updates.  These are all known services and many people use them.  But what i'm interested in is what do people think of it.  I have heard a YouTube comment stating : "Oh microsoft, well all hate your software and we all hate your services. Why don't you give up?" And that is all i heard.


And also what i want to know is, how do you think Microsoft is competing with other online services such as Google.


Does everyone really hate MS Services? I want to hear your thoughts on it.

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well xbox services suck if you dont have a warrenty, ive got the 3 rings of death twice now and i have to pay 100 dollars because my warrenty ran out....

other than that microsoft has some good services, apple services suck tho! im no fanboy..

and software sucks??? i say without microsoft we wouldent have all these smart phones and ultra fast computers.
I love xbox live. I actually enjoy most of Microsoft's products, but don't necessarily use them all.
Microsoft is a great company. I use many of there products, find there Zunes better then Ipods, and I am using windows 7
Microsoft have a ton of services, but they're all fragmented and a mess. They really do suck at integrating things and I don't know why. They have to have several different versions of the same type of thing (like WIndows Live Sync and Mesh/SkyDrive), that seem to compete with one another for attention to make them better. Why they can't have one service tied to the rest I don't know.

If you compare all the services Microsoft have to Apple, then Apple seem to have less, but they do the same thing, and generally better, but a HELL of a lot more integrated and organised. MobileMe is more than just an email service, it's also contacts, calendar, online storage. It lets you back things up online, upload your videos and images from their other software that directly links to it. It lets you save settings and preferences for your software on your Mac so you can apply them on another machine. It lets you remotely wipe and lock your iOS device and locate it on a map, or send a message to it so you can say "bring it back to ... please!".

Microsoft seem to want to make a different service for each one of these things, they don't like to bundle them all together with a single unified interface or integrate them within other applications where it makes sense to.

As with most Microsoft things of late, I don't think they "get it". People don't want a bunch of different services with different naming conventions with different UI's that do pretty much the same thing. They want them all in one place so it's easy to get to and with a consistent interface that makes sense. They want the same functions in different services to work the same way, otherwise it just lends to confusion and frustration.

They can't even seem to integrate XBox live and Windows all that well. Why do they need separate Zune software when they have Media Player? Why not make the Zune player Media Player too? Like iTunes handles all the iDevices but is also the default media player? It seems that companies copy everything Apple does but the things that make Apple things truly better, it's the integration of products that separates them all. It's not just an individual product with one function, it's a series of different ones that all combine and work together seamlessly (or pretty much so) to create an ecosystem of devices.
I like Microsoft services I use lots of them on a daily basis I would say they are as good if not better then Apple.
I use both. Microsoft have some nice services but they're all disjointed, at least it feels that way. With MobileMe it's all there in one place. It may lack some of the things Microsoft offer, but unless you go looking for it it's hidden from view. Most people don't have a clue what SkyDrive is or that it even exists, because Microsoft don't tell us it does (at least not in an obvious easy to see place). iDisk on the other hand is baked right into the OS on the Mac and shows up in the list of services when on the MobileMe site. They need to stitch everything together in one spot.
I have been sitting here deciding what to write but ultimately everyone is going to come around and say one of 3 things:

1. Microsoft blows apple has the best services ever! (maybe a little less fan boyish.

2. Microsoft have decent services and are much better then apple in terms of what they provide.

3. I have had great experiences with both vendors and use both of there services on a daily basis.

I am option number 3 as this is my opinion and i have not been fucked over by either company, i have a great service with both of them this is because i am not stupid and do not ask either company for the moon.

Like the one person on here "sam reynolds" he says that MS sucks because his warranty ran out and his hardware failed so when my brand new car fails after its warranty has passed does that mean Vauxhall suck?
No it means they gave me a guarantee that this car will work for x amount of years & it did so i have received excellent service the same can be said for MS & apple and neither of which i have had faults with inside of warranty that has not been rectified.

So to conclude this long and overdrawn post all companies including but not limited too Microsoft & apple provide great services & meet there own warranties, T&C etc. If you play within the rules you will be treated as such and receive the service you deserve.
This is about SERVICES not SUPPORT. Things like Hotmail and MobileMe,
I use Microsoft services (Hotmail, messenger and update) on a daily basis. Hotmail is becoming better all the time now.


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