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Now that summer is coming and it is starting to get warm we finally had to turn the central air on @ my house.  We like o keep it at the nice temp. of 72.  Gonna be in the 90's & humidnext week where I am at, is SOOO thankful for AC unit!

What temp do you keep your house/computer room at?


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i can't live without one
(Pic is from google)

course i use a Portable one, the windows are Horizontal, and the one it's in iS not a Slider so we cut a piece of card board for and cut holes for the intake and exhaust hoses Etc. i'm debating One of these Window ones
they used to be Pretty bad for Pollution or something? Idk Not "good" for the environment, frankly MOST Of the newer ones today are much better and good etc.

Just got so many of the older ones working fine lol.
68, I need it cool when I sleep.
my dad controls the thermostat, and he wont even turn on the ac if its 90, hes cheap, i put it on 75 when hes gone though
Good for him!! Air conditioning was the beginning of the end of society!! Architecture that optimized natural air flow to cool buildings has given way to blank boxes that don't even have windows. Not only don't people go outside any more, they can't see the outdoors when they are inside. The drive their air conditioned car into their garage and run in the air conditioned house after spending the day at an air conditioned work place.

I HATE air conditioning. I freeze all winter to save money. I'm not about to suffer all summer too so other people can be "comfortable."
There are a LOT more reasons as to why people don't go out side any more. Most people who have AC will go out side regardless of wether they have it or not. It is nice to go out play around or some thing, and then be able to come back inside to a nice cool house. And AC is not the reason for the designs of buildings, it is a cultural thing. they didn't have AC in the early 1900s but they didn't build pyramids did they?

No, but air conditioning has made it easy to create cheap big boxes with no windows and nothing architecturally significant about them.

At least the trend toward "green" everything is getting people to think about using natural means to ventilate their buildings.

One of my friends was lauding the properties of the a vertical ventilation shaft running up the center of the building with windows from all the apartments opening on it. And I have seen the same techniques used in recent buildings, but incorporating the properties into the central corridor of the building using the front of the residences/offices instead of the rear like the traditional shafts.

They probably still have air conditioning, but the idea is to keep the use down as much as possible. Unlike the hermetically sealed buildings from the 70s and 80s that I have worked in that require energy to control the temperature 365 days a year.
Unfortunately year round, day and night I have to keep my house at 82°F = 27.778°C, due to a disabled family member with extremely poor circulation. In the summer it gets much hotter (95°F+ = 35°C+). I live in a sauna, and I have nicknamed my home - The Easy Bake Oven.
Winter: 65 during the day, 55 at night
Summer: We use 3 room ACs (LR, BR, Office), & 75 is about as cool as we set them, and rarely have all running at once.

PS: Don't end your sentences in a preposition. "At" should have been the first word in your sentence.
Yeah, I know, I'm a bit anal.
Anal is good. GO TYPE A PEOPLE!!



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