Who is the best and most bad-ass game character ever ?

Yeah, read the title...
WHO is the most bad-ass game character ever?
My Answer: Gordon Freeman..

What is yours?

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I don't know, but Mario has the strongest legs. He's also either has a really high sense of chivalry or is incredibly driven by his hormones.
Ha Ha... Hormones... But you got a point.
Its a toss up between Master Chief, Kratos or Marcus Fenix!!!
Good choice..
definatly gordon freeman

he is the man.
Along with Barney Calhoun, maybe :)
Gordon Freeman is the best.
I will try not to mention too many of the great characters already mentioned, and I will add a few new ones to the list. :)

ME (Any RPG that allows you to create your own character!)
Any Vault Dweller from any Fallout game
Duke Nukum - (Duke Nukum 3D)
Gordon Freeman - (Half-Life)
Jim Raynor - (StarCraft)
Daniel Garner - (Painkiller)
Tommy Vercetti - (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)
Niko - (Grand Theft Auto 4)
Master Chief - (Halo)
Kratos - (God of War)
Sam - (Serious Sam Series)
The Dude - (The Postal Series)
Marcus Fenix - (Gears of War)
Samus Aran - (Metroid series)
The Doom Marine from any Doom game
Max Payne - (Max Payne series)
Space Marine Bitterman (from Quake 2 and Quake 3 - too bad he was not in Quake 4), at least he was in 7 different games.
Frank West - (Dead Rising)
Niko bellic
Kratos "God Of War"
I like Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil Series.
Jak (in jak3)
Nathan Drake (not realy bad-ass)


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