Why is iOS 6 avalible for iPhone 3GS and not the iPad, 1st generation

Why is that iOS 6 is avalible for the 3GS and not iPad 1st generation. It's not the ram, processor, or anything I can think of...so help my cousin has a 1st and iOS 6 looks like it's great but it avalible on my 3GS but not the ipad

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This is just a fact of "computer or gadget life." Eventually your equipment will become outdated. 

I got the iPad v 1 "refurbished," when the iPad 2 was released. I saved $150, and was happy. I'm still somewhat happy with my iPad 1. But every once and awhile it seems too slow, or I'm frustrated because I can't get some new features. IOS 6 provides that decisive moment for me. Suddenly my trusty iPad 1 seems too ancient.

I also have an iPhone 3GS. I love it. An online friend gave it to me for free. I love using the iPhone 3GS when I go on my walks around town. I take pictures and upload them on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

But the iPhone 3GS is really outdated. Many new features on IOS 6 will not work on the iPhone 3GS.

So which will I replace first?!

Very simply put, Apple is always behind in tech.

android fanboys need to leave this thread because it has nothing to do with you!


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