I have Windows 8.1 now and so far it's mostly good. Somehow the version i have doesn't allow me to customize the metro start screen. I downloaded this program "MordenUIStartScreen.exe" and I installed it and it was successful but I don't know where top go access the program after I've installed it. I need it to change the metro background. I want my metro screen's background to be different from the Windows desktop background. i tried decor8 but it doesn't work for 8.1 but it works for Windows 8. Know any programs, free or paid that I can use to customize the metro screen? Please reply soon.

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Google it.

I did. No luck. I am new to windows 8 and 8.1 . I have been using Windows 7 for a long time now. That's why I'm seeking help from users of this forum.

What you want to do is this: 

If you're on Windows 8.1 and on the Start Screen, go to the top or bottom right corner to access the charms bar. When you're there, click on personalize, and you should see where to change the background. But you MUST b e on the metro start screen, as Personalize will bring you to a different tool on the desktop. 

Although, I'm unsure if it will allow you to set a separate wallpaper from the one that is on the desktop if you want to use a custom image. MS may have improved customization in 8.1, but they certain'y don't know how to go the extra mile. If you want the extra mile, you have to use something like KDE or XFCE on Linux. :P 

I have recommended to all my customers/clients who do not like Windows 8 to install the Start menu app, found here: http://windows8startbutton.com/

This does not mess with the metro UI but bypasses it and adds the old "Start" button. Most people are happy with that. 

Hope that helps.


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