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Before creating a group, be sure you've read all Group Admin rules, regulations and tips.

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Geeks Group Rules, Regulations & Tips

We appreciate that you want to start a group to promote discussion and interaction among members on a specific subject. Before creating this group, be sure you've read all Group Admin rules, regulations and tips on this page. If you'd rather not read, you can watch this video instead, but please note that it was recorded 9/6/08 so some things have changed:

Original show notes here.
Create a group if you believe a group is worth creating. Otherwise, you’re wasting space and time with the effort (and wonder why nobody wants to join or participate).

Search for group keywords before you start your own. Otherwise, you’re splitting the community instead of uniting it. If you’ve already started a group, this is very counter-productive. If later, duplicate groups are found, the one with the most members/most activity will become the primary group and the other group(s) will need to manually merge into that one. An admin will notify all members but it is up to the post owner to move content by the stated deadline otherwise the content will be deleted.

Try to make the group about broad, top level subjects. For instance there is ONE iPhone group that covers all types of iPhones, not the individual styles.
If you want to create a location group, please do your state (full name, not abbreviation), not city, so that Geeks will join.
Self made fan groups are also not allowed and fan groups of other people are limited.

New Group creation is under moderation so it will need to be approved by a Geeks admin. It is up to them to approve or delete the request without notification. Usually within 24 hours.

Once Approved, Fill that group with useful content. Dedicate time out of your day to post news links, start discussions, embed videos, audio, widgets, and photos related to the group’s shared interest. Then it will be featured and show up on the front page. If your Group does not have any new content within a few days of inception, it's getting deleted - no questions asked.

Your Group Avatar should be 183x183 pixels. If the image that you load is not a square & is larger than that, the site will crop and re-size the image causing loss in image quality. Be sure that the image is relevant to the content.

Turn off the ability for members to send messages to the entire group. Please uncheck the "Allow members to send messages to the entire group" box. This prevents members & trolls from spamming your group members. Spamming is going to dissuade people from coming back, not encourage them.

Use a Web site relevant to the Group. Don’t use your personal website, just to try and drive traffic to yourself. Only use your own site if it’s full of content that is regularly updated, all of which is directly related to your group.

Turn on the RSS Reader. Include an RSS feed to automatically populate the Group with relevant content. If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, Google it.

Modify the Discussion Forum settings. Under Edit, set is so that it displays “Detail View”, “Latest Activity” and at least 10 or 20 items in view. This makes it so that someone scanning the group page will have their attention caught by a post and be more likely to contribute. By having to click the "View All Discussions" link to see more, the less likely they will do it.

Please remember your P.U.G.S. Punctuation, Usage, Grammer and Spelling.
Use spell check and your shift key when appropriate. Nothing turns me off more than poor grammar, usage, punctuation, etc. I will not join a group that’s led by someone who does not have command of his or her native language.

Spamming the group link to it is a bad idea. PLEASE don't spam other Geek Members with group invites unless you KNOW that they would be interested in the content and have prior permission. Just because they are on your friend list doesn't not mean that you can invite them. Let it grow organically. Find friends outside the Geeks network to join, and you’re likely to see membership flourish. Think about all the other communities and groups on the Web that you’re involved in - tell them about it there. This is your chance to lead a Group related to your passion - that’s what makes you a geek!

It is YOUR responsibility as Group owner / administrator to keep it going - not necessarily the members of that Group. They joined because they're interested, but you have to step up to the plate and serve them as much as you expect them to serve the group. Keep it civil, It’s your responsibility to maintain balance and decorum. If you can’t handle this responsibility, DON’T CREATE A GROUP.

If your Group does not sustain at least a few new pieces of content every week, it's on probation. After 30 days since the last (quality) activity, it's getting deleted - no questions asked.

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Comment by George Burgess on November 27, 2009 at 9:49am
hi guys and girls join airplane geeks!!
Comment by ionflux on June 28, 2009 at 6:29am
good morning principient geeks and geekdome Renaissance :)
today is like i feel computation science what you think hmm just a morning thought
Comment by TooTall on December 10, 2008 at 10:12am
I agree with the two other comments. Kissa did a great job on this group to inform new group creators. I joined a PC Builders group to learn some things and help others when needed. There are now over 10 just PC groups of people wanting to help PC users. They would be of more help if all their ideas and colaboration were in just 1 group . They should be required to do a search before creating a group.
Comment by The Beard on December 1, 2008 at 7:49pm
remember to search for groups before creating one people!
Comment by JT on November 9, 2008 at 2:26pm
I also think that it should be a requirement that before you are able to create a Group that you first have to join this Group

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