hey, im new to mac and have a mac coming at my house in 2 days and i was wondering what is the best free apps that i should put on my mac?? suggestions would be very helpful, thanks :D by the way, my mac is a Ibook G3 2001 laptop. and can you explain what each app does? very thankful for the people that reply =]

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for one define "free" there are many different loose interpretations of that some good ones are gimp adrium VLC media player open office camino divx dock library smc fan control ipod rip jack the ripper handbrake and then the "free" good apps CS3 CS4 final cut aperture xcode parallels vmware
are all of those apps free as in not costing money at all? and is there any chance that you can define what they do?
Well! I think the most appropriate thing here is to first say... WELCOME TO THE MAC WORLD!!!! here is a link where you can find info on free apps with links to get them! http://www.maclife.com/article/feature/free_snow_leopard_compatible...

also! i suggest you become familiar with a few websites that are related to macs! just so you stay up to date with events and things you can use with your mac!

I hope you enjoying your new computer!

PS: if you planning on running windows on your mac, use VMware! that's what i use! of course it also works with linux! the advantage! you can run all three OS's simultaneously! definitely worth buying!
QuickSilver, HandBrake, Adium are three of my favourite free ones.


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