Greg's Groups (72)

  • Photo Geeks

    23 members Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2009 digital, film, insta-matic or whatever kind of picture taking you like

  • "Adult Swim Fans"

    52 members Latest Activity: Jun 19, 2010 No not like swimming in the water... Like Adult swim on TV =D

  • Quentin Tarantino Fans!

    25 members Latest Activity: Jun 18, 2010 I freaking love this guy. Don't you? I love all of his movies. Join my group if you like or even love Quentin Tarantino!

  • Chris Pirillo Fan Club

    458 members Latest Activity: Feb 28, 2014 join if you like chris Pirillo!

  • Geeks Gear

    144 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2012 The place to go to get your Geeks Gear!

  • StumbleUpon

    270 members Latest Activity: Dec 29, 2012 Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. It is a personalized recommendation engine which uses…

  • South Carolina Geeks

    5 members Latest Activity: Dec 15, 2010 Place for South Carolina Geeks

  • Single Geeks

    195 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2012 A group for single geeks to meet other single geeks

  • Blackberry Geeks

    42 members Latest Activity: Sep 13, 2010 For all Geeks that are glued to their Crackberrys, I mean Blackberrys!

  • Free Thinkers

    518 members Latest Activity: Mar 9 Where all free thinkers get together and discuss science, philosophy, religion and more..

  • NFL

    64 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2009 Hey Geeks! Here's a group dedicated to ALL things NFL! Our discussions range from game day stuff to fantasy football. Join us and represent your…

  • Kung Fu fans

    36 members Latest Activity: Mar 27, 2011 Group for all fans of Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Shaolin and similar Martial Arts.

  • Video Makers Club

    93 members Latest Activity: Sep 12, 2010 Do you make indie videos and play around with video projects? Join us and lets see what kinda of video tools and info we can share with each other.

  • #CSS Help

    86 members Latest Activity: Jan 26, 2010 If your stuck theme'ing your geeks page, this is the right group for you! We've got the tools you need and the code. What are you waiting for?

  • I love guy geeks!(and the guys we love)

    71 members Latest Activity: May 31, 2010 Smart IS the new sexy! Do you think geeky guys are hot? Are you a geeky guy? Join us so we can boost your ego AND your intellect!

  • Website Designer Geeks

    406 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2012 Join the WDG group if you are a website designer. Here we can share our tips, tricks and resources.

  • Monty Python's Flying Circus

    103 members Latest Activity: Jun 4, 2010 We are the Knights who say, "Nie"! And we want a shrubbery! Discuss anything and everything Python related - TV, movies, news & more!

  • Improve&Optimize

    53 members Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2011 Making our personal computer or laptop faster, more efficient and reliable. For a better user experience, back-ups are a must. We're mainly doing…

  • deviantART

    117 members Latest Activity: Jan 2, 2011 Where ART meets application!

  • Google Chrome Browser

    361 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2012 Discussion about Google's new Chrome Web Browser

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