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Lunatics Comment by Lunatics on May 13, 2014 at 8:50am

I'm just messing with you most of the time Tyler, you are a pretty bright guy, really.

We just use the computing world completely different, that's all. Not so many of your type around, not that I've met anyhow. 

Oh yeah, governments telling people what to do, I don't see much difference there... yup there's 'freedom' for ya. lol!

Comment by Tyler Brown on May 12, 2014 at 2:35am

How am I doing something wrong? I need something with an open license, Microsoft's licensing is proprietary, that's not me doing something wrong, that's Microsoft being negative in the freedom dimension.

I need a server OS that doesn't have the overhead of a GUI because I want to use my resources for stuff that's actually useful. Windows Server has a useless GUI, and to top it off doesn't include useful server utilities like SSH, screen/Tmux, or a proper package manager out of the box. That's not me doing something wrong, that's Microsoft doing something wrong. ;)

Also, want applications, want packages, want tools? OpenSUSE OBS or the Arch AUR has nearly everything I need, with a majority of it being FOSS, so it can be modified to your own needs or at least audited to see it will do exactly what you need to do.

Plus, my last requirement for some machines is it HAS to be Free Software, as in freedom, not beer. Microsoft is way too chummy with the NSA for my comfort, and same goes for Google at times. That is why Windows is "proprietary garbage" or as Richard Stallman calls it "Negative in the freedom dimension", because I don't know what it is doing under the hood, or behind my back. Once again, this is Microsoft doing something extremely wrong, not me. That is also why many European governments are switching to Linux and telling their citizens to avoid Windows. ;)

Lunatics Comment by Lunatics on May 11, 2014 at 6:32pm

Well Tyler, shove all the "facts" at me (us) all you want. Windows will be around awhile and I love it, so so does my customer base. I have zero problems with it, I cant help it that you do. Maybe you're doing something wrong. j/s 

Do Google search for almost any app without putting in an OS type and see what app for what OS you come up with the most. That's how I like serving my customers, they need something, I got it fast, and yeah wow, it always works... amazing... lol! 

Windows, it just works, but not for YOU, obviously. ; ) 

Comment by Tyler Brown on May 10, 2014 at 8:45pm

Also, market penetration is one of the most flawed arguments to use when arguing out great something is. I mean certainly Microsoft's restrictive licensing couldn't have anything to do with OEMs not adopting other solutions earlier on, could it? ;)

Comment by Tyler Brown on May 10, 2014 at 8:43pm
Wait, what is that? UNIX has a majority market share for servers? Which is where the real money is? ;) Windows on a server is a joke, a pure joke.

Also, if we want to count mobile market share, once again the Linux kernel comes out on top. I mean certainly Android must account for something, right?  ;)

I see how you didn't respond to my flexibility response, I guess it's because you know it's true, GNU/Linux IS the most flexible OS out there, which is precisely why is dominates the server market. Why use proprietary garbage like Windows Server when you can roll your own solution based on GNU/Linux because of it's awesome GPL licensing.

Lunatics Comment by Lunatics on May 10, 2014 at 3:37pm

Better get on the phone and tell all those other losers how great NIX is.... ; )

Lunatics Comment by Lunatics on May 10, 2014 at 3:36am

It's OK Tyler, u'll get used to it. :D

Comment by Tyler Brown on May 7, 2014 at 10:10pm

"the most flexibility of any OS out there," Ha, hahahahahaha. Ha. Hahahahahaha.

Windows doesn't follow the four essential software freedoms, so it is NOT the most flexible OS. The most flexible OS is GNU/Linux, with the kernel and userland being under the GPL. You know what the GPL is, right? The most open and flexible software license out there, well, some might argue the BSD license is, but hey, that's a different debate. So do you really want to argue flexibility against a GPL licensed OS? I guess you don't want to admit

So again, with Windows not following the four essential software freedoms, the source is obviously closed. So it is not as flexible as you think, plus, you can't even audit the code, so for all you know Microsoft is sending all your usage data to the National Security Agency. So again, "Proprietary Garbage" ;)

Oh, and as for money, you know what most web servers run, or most servers in general run? Do you know what the most powerful computers on the planet run? GNU/Linux, BSD, or some kind of UNIX. Why waste a single CPU cycle running a GUI on a server like Windows server does. Windows server is a joke compared to anything **NIX based.

Lunatics Comment by Lunatics on May 7, 2014 at 9:32pm

"Proprietary garbage:" with the most flexibility of any OS out there, with thousands, if not millions of add-ons, edits, plugins, games, apps, (many of them free) the list is endless. wOOt! You know damn well its true, but I doubt you would ever admit to anything, even a fish hitting you in the face. Too bad so sad for you. Do what u gotta do. ^5

And YUP, I'm pretty much main stream (95%) because that's who I service. No time for playing in fruitless sand boxes. I give real world solutions to real world computer users, I'm damn good at it, and it makes some pretty good money. U'll prolly starve... j/s :P 

Comment by Tyler Brown on May 7, 2014 at 6:12pm

DTM, Multiple workspaces is a far better solution than using "Aero Peek", as multiple workspaces allows for far better organization.

Also, my problem with 3rd party tools for multiple workspaces on Windows is most of the 3rd party solutions are very tacky, feel out of place, and multiple workspaces is a function that should be built into the desktop environment/window manager. It's not about the fact that it is 3rd party or not, but rather implementation, and whether a function should be something included in by default or not.

It's also good to know you're part of the 95% that doesn't care about my needs/ues out of an OS, one key one is the ability for the code to be properly audited, which cannot be done with Windows as Microsoft doesn't follow the 4 essential software freedoms. Thus Windows is and shall always remain "Proprietary Garbage."

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