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At 12:51am on November 19, 2008, Agent Popescu said…
Well that's cool, thanks for making a group about UFOs, I was thinking now if to make one or not, besides computers and others I also like to talk about UFOs.
At 1:52pm on October 11, 2008, Kevin Oliver said…
Hello AJ,

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At 12:36am on October 10, 2008, Kevin Oliver said…
Greetings AJ,

Excuse me for my absence.

Would I suggest you buy traffic for 20 bucks? Hell no, keep your money. You might as well wipe your rear end with it. I could easily charge you 20 bucks and send you a million clicks. Have you ever gone to a website, click around/leave and you get these annoying pop-unders? How can you spot a pop-under? Basically it opens another browser window behind the current window. Most people immediately close the window without looking at it. So you are seeing visitors but I can promise you won't see a sale.

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Kevin O.
At 5:34pm on October 4, 2008, Jeanette McDermott said…
Cool. I'm going to drop at your email addy, and visit your Squidoo page. Thanks a lot for your help. I really mean that.
At 10:08am on October 4, 2008, Jeanette McDermott said…
Do you have some tips for the best way to get started learning about affiliate marketing through chat rooms, forums and groups? I figure an entrepreneur geek might have some advice for a newbie like me.
At 11:44pm on September 28, 2008, Kevin Oliver said…
I would never play this song to my girlfriend (Whatever You'd Like) ... sorry not a big spender :).

You have a very interesting taste in music.
At 6:08am on September 20, 2008, Sonia said…
Hah, it's ok. It was pretty late at night when I wrote that, and I was a bit tipsy :P
At 9:03pm on September 18, 2008, Stacey said…
Behave! Not so bad yourself.
At 2:30pm on September 15, 2008, Samantha said…
yer, i want to be a primary school teacher, so i volenteer at a lcal school n stuff. lol i hope he is, he loves me and makes me geeky. you've got a lovely big family then.
At 1:13pm on September 15, 2008, Samantha said…
im still at 6th form, so A level art, biology and history. i also work at Holland and Barrett and a swim school for children, sorry if that was more detailed the expected lol. ive just been on walk in a forrest to dig up a time capsule me and my boyfriend burried a year n a half ag, then went swimming. how old is your son, you just got the one?

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Entrepreneur/Computer Geek
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Stay at home Dad with alot of time on his hands!
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Through youtube
What are your "geeky equipment" specs?
Well, I guess I'm running an HP Pavilion Laptop with 160 gig. hard drive, 2 gig. RAM, 667mhz. FSB, 1.9GHz DC AMD processor, Nvidia Graphics card, Apple Ipod Touch 8 GB
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My Kids
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My Family and my Big Screen TV
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I guess the geekiest thing I have ever done is join this site.
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Spend hours on end trying to learn more about this computer
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I don't have necessarily a favorite movie, I just like to watch new good ones. Hobbies are motorcycle riding and hanging out with my kids. Oh, and I have a money spending problem.
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