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Quick Update For 1-31-2012

Quick update for 1-31-2012.

I really enjoyed today's TLDR aka The Lockgnome Daily Report, great live video Chris.

Also all my best to and it's a great site and it have great success just like all of your sites like Geeks,,, and

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Update For 1-30-2012

Here is an update for 1-30-2012.

My stock on empire avenue just hit 87.00e a share and my dividends is at 0.67a share.

As of this Tuesday I will have been on  for three years now.

I have enjoyed being on Twitter and I have had all of my up's and downs but I'm still standing and I have learned a lot what to tweet and not to…


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Quick Update for 1-29-2012

Here is a quick update for 1-29-2012.

My weekend was good and can't wait until next Sunday for the Super Bowl to get going to see if The New York Football Giants will win or not it should be a great game.

I'm also ready for a new week of TLDR aka The LockerGnome Daily Report and I wonder what Chris will have planed you never know what will happen and will we see his Dad this week just wait and see what happens.

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Update For 1-28-2012

Here is an update for 1-28-2012.

26 years ago today that The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded  73 seconds into its flight at 11:38 am est.

I will never forget that day as long as I live. I remember watching it all on TV in shock.

On another note,  I hope that ACTA goes down, and never rises again and stays dead and buried.

I say no to Net Neutrality. Let's have more competition, rather than…


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Update for 1-27-2012

Here is an update for 1-27-2012.

Here's what happens when somebody who liked ACTA and then found out what it was all about then leaves his job for good 

I hope that ACTA goes down like SOPA and PIPA did and they never try this again but they will never give up that easily and that's why we will keep on fighting them until the end and…


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Quick Update For 1-26-2012

A quick update for 1-26-2012.

On empire avenue I hit 10 million in net wealth and my stock is up to 86.64 and my dividends is 0.64 a share.

Also I just rejoined the chat again and it feels good to be home again.

I'm going to one day I will join the gnomies but for right now I'm sticking with and

Anyway I wish Chris all the best with gnomies and I know he will hit 1000…


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My quick review of Chris's TLDR for 1-25-2012

A quick review of Chris's TLDR for 1-25-2012.

I have to say I liked today's TLDR it was really good and having Chris's dad doing a segment during the live TLDR was awesome.

I heard Chris say maybe one day he will open up his new voice chat I think it would be a good idea I hope Chris will be careful I don't want to have what happened the last time that voice chat was open to the public it wasn't pretty it almost ended Chris's live stream forever so…


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Quick Update for 1-24-2012

Here is a quick update for 1-24-2012.

This weekend there is going to be another blackout of the internet again I'm with all of the websites that will be doing this the last time this happen it did it's job and stopped SOPA for now and PIPA but I heard that Canada is thinking about doing a SOPA tip bill are they crazy it will fail and all we all have Canada's back on this one.

The people of Canada will not like this and will be very upset and do what we…


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Update for 1-23-2012

Here is an update for 1-23-2012.

Harry Reid of Nevada says that PIPA will be back and ready in a few weeks.

I say how ever not so fast Harry Reid we geeks will fight you to the bitter end and win.

We geeks beat back SOPA and will beat back PIPA and also The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement aka (ACTA) will also fail just like SOPA and PIPA will.

Here is an stop ACTA webite  …


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Lunatics DTM's new gaming computer build

Computers/parts have come a long way in a short time, my 2 1/2 year old former gaming machine ran hot, was heavy and crowded with components, has a CPU cooler the size of a barn, but it got the job done admirably well. But, it's old tech and time to upgrade to the newer cooler running less power hungry and faster components. I have slightly less then $600 in this one, as it's a scratch build and not…


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Update for 1-22-2012

Here is an update for 1-22-2012.

First off The New York Football Giants are going to the Super Bowl after beating the 49'res in overtime to win the NFC Championship game.

Also The New England Patriots are also going to the Super Bowl after beating the Ravens in the AFC Championship game as a side note the Giants and Patriots met in the Super Bowl in 2008 where the Giants won.…


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The 5 Ugliest Epic Fail Moments Of 2011 Social Media

Social media sites allow us to connect quickly and stay connected to people and brands faster than ever before. Most small businesses know it’s important to use social media, but they often make critical, costly mistakes when setting up their social media strategy. 

Many people still have difficulty with just the basic page set up. For example, people will often set up their business as a profile page instead of a business page.…


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Samsung Galaxy Ace CyanogenMod

I brought the Samsung Galaxy Ace about six mouths ago and I had a load of problems with the phone sometimes it wouldn’t send a text and the internet was slow and the phone would slow down and lag on games. The Stock ROM that came with the phone has a load of programs running in the background and also a loud of services.

The other day I had enough of the problems I was having with the phone and was thinking about selling it in till my friend suggested using a custom phone ROM. I had…


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Detail of a poster for the International Hygiene Exhibition 1911 in Dresden » by Franz von Stuck)

« Understanding » is the third segue in the series that I have written…


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Quick Update For 1-20-2012

A quick for 1-20-2012.

SOPA is Dead!!!!!!! for now I think that they better not ever think about messing with the internet or they will all be voted out of office for good.

Also PIPA is also Dead!!!!!! too :) 

Now we still keep fighting to keep the internet free for everybody and US geeks too. 

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Skyrim My Little Pony...FUS RO D'awww.

Ok people, believe it or not someone with enough free time on their hands has actually went out and created an entire mod for Skyrim replacing all of the dragons with My Little Pony. Honestly I think this is some funny shit but check it out for yourselves!

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Update for 1-19-2012

Here is a quick update for today 1-19-2012.

I know you all know about Mega Upload going down for good I would like to say Rest In Peace Mega Upload.

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come if SOPA Passes this could happen to anyone who has uploaded copyrighted stuff on the internet that's why SOPA needs to be stopped once and for all along with PIPA and ACTA too.

Also I was ready to watch Chris's live TLDR aka The Lockergnome Daily…


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Control your Android device with another Android device

One of the things that tablets became more usefull is as a laptop replacement, not just for traveling, but from work, i one thing that anoy me was that my Android Tablet (ASUS eeepad transformer) any remote control system unless you get the keyboard dock, or rooting it, and a week ago i found a little free app on the market that allows to do exactly that, and its called Tablet Remote.…


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Update for 1-18-2012

A quick update for 1-18-2012.

I'm very happy the way things went with the websites that went black also I put up a black background on my twitter page to show my support for the protest against SOPA and PIPA.

I also watched Chris's live TLDR today and I was really happy that Chris did his live video in the dark thanks Chris for doing that and I hope to never see these Bills ever again the internet should remain free for…


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████████████ SOPA

DEAR ████████████████████ INTERNET ███████████████████████ SOPA ███████████████ IS ████████████ WRONG ████████████████████ AND █████████████████ A █████████████████ MISTAKE. ███████████████ TELL EVERYONE

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