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What Windows Vista turned out to be.

Windows Vista, promised to be an innovation, a guiding beacon for competitors rich in features, and updates. Of course we the public have seen the contrary. We have experienced driver after driver issue, the printer that just won’t work properly, or our beloved games we so happily played night and day on Windows XP which no longer work in Vista. It seems to me than in the eyes of the consumer, that to us Windows Vista was a disappointment. So many angry users, switching to other platforms. I am… Continue

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Happy New Year

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all the Geeks! I thought the 2009 picture I found was cool, but besides that hopefully this is a good year for you all and for the world of technology, which I'm sure it will be!

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My network and Server setup

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chris stripping!!!!!!!!!!

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Web 2.0 and FeedBurner

If you are looking to get more people to follow your blog and have a way to keep track of how many followers you have, check out FeedBurner. You can find out how they are subscribing as well and its free! I figured those who are big into blogging might like to know about having your own free RSS feed if you hadn't known about it already.

Also...with how high tech the world is becoming… Continue

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Happy New Year

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Good Dual Screen Software

Hey Geeks

I was searching for free dual screen software and came upon this great little program called Winsplit Revolution that will arrange and move all of your windows to where u want and to what which screen you want just by using a hotkey. its a great little app to stay organized.

Here is the link

What dual screen or organizing software do you no about?


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Microsoft's and Apple's Frontline Products

Every company has "frontline" products, and for each company they're different. But when it comes down to Apple and Microsoft, they're almost the same; which is good because it stimulates competition.


- Windows Vista: Microsoft began as an OS company, and they're going to end as an OS company. It's no doubt that Windows is their "flagship" product, and is being pushed out the door faster than any other.

- Xbox 360: It's still one of the most successful… Continue

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Finally A Start To A New Year.

Happy New Year, GEEKS!!

I Just wanted to wish everyone in the Geeks community a Happy New Year. Now I want comments on yours but my New Year Resolution is to make money online. I know I'm only 13 but there's a lot i can do. SO people, help me out.

*If Barrack Obama is watching this, good job but,


-*-*-*-PONZI FOR SENATOR-*-*-*-

-*-*-*-KAT FOR GOVERNOR-*-*-*-


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We're moving and tonight off goes the internet. This sucks. :(

Added by Shannon on December 31, 2008 at 5:13pm — 1 Comment

ubuntu server

is it any better than windows 2000 server

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Secret Clandestine Facial Recognition Countermeasures and The Future of the CIA; by Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow

Presently Universities and Private Enterprise are working to build more robust “Facial Recognition Technologies” due to the Homeland Security Funding for such research this field continues to grow. Anti-Terrorist efforts are a worldwide goal, so we are sharing this technologies with allies for use in their countries. These new technologies will also end up in the hands of our enemies or perhaps… Continue

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The Danger Zone--Answered

The other day I started a discussion about what is the Danger Zone in reference to cooking. Well my friends I am going to explain now what this term means and represents. The culinary term out of the Food Lovers Guide, the culinary dictionary, states that the danger Zone is the temperature ranging from 40-140 degrees. This temperature represents that state at which harmful bacteria will grow the fastest. If you keep foods below 40 degrees or over 140 degrees you should be safe from biological… Continue

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Windows High Definition Screen Recorder

I am a fellow geek on youtube that does many reviews and i am starting to do

tutorials. I am trying to find free screen capture software so i can record

my screen in HD or High Quality and upload to youtube. See here is my problem

there are tons of awesome freeware for macs but i am on windows XP. Please help

i have been all over the internet trying to find solutions. My current camstudio

is just not cutting it you cannot even read the letters when it is put… Continue

Added by Colton Frey on December 31, 2008 at 3:41pm — 2 Comments

New web page

Hello every one, Working on my new web page, As far as scripting goes it is going good...I want to make a public server so any one can get to my web site, but I do not want to spend the money on Windows Server 2003...So i want to use one of my old computers using an exisiting OS such as Windows XP proffesional, or if I have to I can download come Lunix OS....So if any one knows how to do what I said above w/ Windows XP or knows of a Lunix O.S. that would do the job plz tell me… Continue

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I promise not to post any more jokes this year.

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Limits are only set by yourself

I can't help but notice. The word can't do and words of this sort are way too often used. For example women saying I can't do that. And men saying its a "Man's Field". The only limits of your future are those that you put on yourself.

I have always been I guess you could say interested in "The Man Fields". As a kid I was the girl helping put up the new entertainment center. Helping my brother with speakers. Putting speakers in friends cars. Working on cars. Taking things apart. Took… Continue

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Ringing In the New Year

Today is the last day of 2008! It’s been a very crazy year, both personally and for the world. I think the crowning moment of this year was the election of Barack Obama as the first Black President of this country! Such a time proved that this country is ready to put its dark past behind us, and move forward in the name of Progress. I hope this year can see that forward-movement continuing and growing stronger in its momentum!

Closer to home, this year has seen many changes in my… Continue

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Mass Effect Used: $14.99

Well, I decided to try Mass Effect, and the price couldn't be beat. (I at least got a copy that wasn't run through a shredder). So far, I've not left the Citadel yet, but I'm having fun with the various side quests that mostly involve delivering message A to person B. You'd think that the usual fed-ex quests would be boring, but Mass Effect somehow pulls off enough intrigue and suspense that it doesn't _seem_ like you're simply doing the old-fashioned "a to b" cliches.

The only issue… Continue

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Want to sound smarter and wear a top hat?

I review an iPhone application as best I can without a dedicated movable camera. It is called 100 Words to Make you Sound Smart.

Top hats are awesome!!!

Here is the… Continue

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