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Getting Started and About Me

Hello fellow Lockergnome users,

   I am new to this whole blogging thing and want to get into it. I just joined lockergnome and was wondering if anyone had tips and tricks to blogging. I haven't decided on a specific topic of my blog or what it will be about and would like some pointers. So if you are an experienced blogger and have some pointers or tips on how to get started I am interested in feedback and would love to here from you. 

   Since this is my first…


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2012 New Years Resolutions

With the year 2011 coming to a close in under 24 hours, many seem to reflect on the past year.  The one thing everyone asks themselves is, "What can I do better in the new year?"  This question has started up something called New Years Resolutions and I'm going to share a few of mine with you.  These will all be goals that I wish to accomplish within the year and possibly things that will last a life…


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The Upcoming IPv4 to IPv6 Upgrade - Should we be worried?

As I'm sure there's a few of you around here who are aware of what I'm talking about, the internet is running out of addresses and there will be an upgrade occuring midway through 2012 to IPv6 so there will then be more addresses readily available. I've heard there's only about 2% of websites that have actually gone forward with the upgrade to IPv6, do you think there will be problems with regards to when IPv4 finally reaches the final stage of it's lifespan.

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Welcome 2012

well its new years eve and i'm waiting for the live show tonight best wishes for the new year hope its a good one

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How is everyone doing?  This past weekend my baby boy was brought into this world on December 25, 2011 at 8:07PM at 7lbs 15oz.  I know this doesn't have anything to do with the title of this post but I just felt the urge to let you all know!

Anyway, I was recently laid off and I'm looking for any form of work to make a few extra bucks on the side.  Whether that be typing up a blog post, designing a simple logo or even designing a website, I'm up for the task.  Right now I have…


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Review/Comparison: Snowball USB Microphone

The Snowball USB Microphone is a great microphone to purchase for a step up microphone from an internal microphone.  Believe it or not, this has amazing audio quality and some may even say it sounds professional.  The Snowball performs exceptionally well for recording acoustic instruments.  If you're looking to purchase this microphone for voice overs or podcasts, it…


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Li-Ion battery myths

How many times when you buy a new phone they say, you need to charge it for 12 hours before using it? or similar things like drain all the battery before charging. well i've done some research and found some myths about these batteries that will change the way we use them, So let's get started.


Myth 1: Do they need an initial charge of 8-12 hours?


No, all Li-ion batteries do not require an inittial charge, this batteries are made for a maximun of mAh and can…


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Happy New Year 2012

I hope everybody here on geeks has a great new year for 2012.

Also stay safe during New Years Eve and don't forget to watch Chris do his New Year Eve live video you never know what people make Chris do.

I can't wait to be there for New Years Eve to…


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5 reason why I think the next 10 year in tech will blow you mind

5 reason why I think the next 10 year in tech will blow you mind

1). Bio tech

Bionic Hand controlled by brain signals

Okay, it doesn’t let you crush rocks like you would think, BUT it does allow people without fingers to have fully functional hands that can pick up and handle delicate objects. It is completely controlled by the brain and requires no surgery. Touch Bionics, the company the produces the Pro Digits hand, is able to install the hand complete with… Continue

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Why Competition Is Important

You might think competition is terrible or great , you might say ‘oh well competion sucks , there should only be one company! , It sucks I say!’ , others may disagree on that. Competition is important to the development of great products , look at it this way , two major companys , Microsoft & Apple both produce two different operating systems (For Laptops , desktops ,etc) OSX and Windows. Now lets say Microsoft releases a version of Windows with some stunning feature , which the…


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Is software as important as it used to be?

Back  in 2000 software was very important for anyone using a computer , but in present day 2011 the question stands; is software important? You can still get software , but you can also (usually) use a web app to perform the same task and still in the end have the same results.

Web apps allow the user to work on the same thing on any inernet connected device at any given location & time , without the need to lug around a pen drive or CD or any other means of storage  , This can…


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The Household HTPC (Home Theatre Computer) - Its not as confusing as you think.

Before I start I want you to leave any HTPC based negativity behind, people think the HTPC is a confusing beast, well it doesn't have to be.


What is an HTPC?

Do you have media all over the place, pictures on your laptop, music on your MP3 player/CD's, films on your desktop? Well you can pull all this content together into a single place using an HTPC and have it all viewable on your PC for…


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My Review Of Batman Arkham City For The PlayStation 3

Here is my review of Batman Arkham City for the PlayStation 3.

I got Batman Arkham City for Christmas and I love the game I did download the CatWoman download add on and I like I said in another blog post CatWoman is hot.

The game it self  looks and plays great and looks like a movie the City looks like something out of the comics.

Also playing the game you feel like your Batman and your kicking bad guy butt also I like when you…


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Angel on the Threshold

Holzfigur Engelchen auf Halbmond » by 4028mdk09)…


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Update for 12-24-2011


Here is a quick update for 12-24-2011 the night before Christmas and all the through the geek world not a geek was string not even a computer mouse.

All of the geeks were in bed dreaming of all of the New geek toys that they wanted and then they heard a clatter they when to see what was the matter.

To the their shock their stood Santa with his is sack of geek toys as Santa fulled up the Stockings and put the new geek toys under the tree and then Santa…


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How important is technology is in our lives?

Has technology ruined our lives?

I believe it has, Many people can not live with out technology. What would they do when all technology stops working for no apparent reason. Will they sit on their butts and die because they have no clue what to do.Will they die because they can't cant order food online or over the phone. I would like to think that people would live on with out technology because it's not that important. Let's be honest money people would be clueless about what to do.…


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Could fuel cells give MacBooks unreal battery life?

Today we’re lucky if a laptop can last six or seven hours. But what if, in a few years, notebook computers could have an uptime of days or weeks? That’s what Apple may be hoping to accomplish with a new patent. The filing shows plans to bring fuel cell power to MacBooks.

A fuel cell is a…


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Merry Christmas All

Have a very Merry Christmas to everybody here on geeks and lockergnome.

Also have a Happy New Year too. …


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Tablets computers

When I walk in to best buy you see more iPads nook tablets computers are goin everybody tablets tablets are easyer to carry around I still remember big blocky desktops they going away tablets taking over now in the next 10 years what we gonna see next

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What is the one thing you want for Christmas this year

The one thing I want for Christmas this year is 

I can't wait to play this game I know that it's awesome and I have seen the ending to this game from videos posted on YouTube but I'm still going to beat this game and see the ending for myself.

Also I can't wait…


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