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Gaming: From Basements and Couches to Stadiums and Colleges

The image of gaming as the world of bespectacled nerds and geeks, living in the dimly lit basements of moms across the globe, can’t reboot fast enough.  The guys that can fix your laptop, hook up your surround sound and know the difference between an optical cable and a Selby HDMI cable.  You know, the ones with thick glasses, the perceived geeks and nerds that still form the nucleus of the gaming world, but now…


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Goddess and the Geek

Hey guys, I wanted to share my kooky love story Goddess and the Geek  with you. It won the International PRISM award and is currently available as an ebook on Amazon for the bargain price of…


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Moto envy

I just love my little Moto G but it's only 3G. The graphics are amazing, they are just so clear and HD. I checked out the new Moto E w/Lollipop and couldn't get beyond the fuzziness of the icons after having the crisp G.

My geek bucket list entails the X..someday soon. But the $300 price tag evades me at the moment. :(  

I love this Teal cover <3…


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Review from Patimat Huseynov Sharuhanova artist. Russia, Dagestan 21-3-2015

This review is translate with google

Is not the creator who is able to give life ....…


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Rest In Peace Stuart Scott

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Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a fantastic christmas.

And A very Happy New Year to everyone.

I hope everyone's happy about the prospects for 2015 and all that may come to you. It's that time of year where everyone makes their New Years resolutions.

What have you planned on doing for yourself this year? Exercise more? Eat less junk food? Give up smoking? Love more? Find that special job?

Well whatever you've chosen to do, Make sure you plan it properly and stick with it. We all…


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This Is My Newest YouTube Video

This is my newest YouTube Video

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Go Green For Ecycling With Old Electronics

As each day passes, awareness for our delicate and fragile environment increases and along with it, our recycling mindfulness.  One of our biggest challenges requires us to find a way to either recycle or repurpose old electronics, whether they’re computers or audiovisual components.  With the holiday season coming up on us quickly, people love to buy new electronics.  The numbers are staggering.  According to the Consumer Electronics Association, up to 80% of consumers will buy electronics…


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4 things all DIY home renovators should plan on doing

It’s summer, prime time for finally getting to all those neglected, long dream of home renovation projects. However, those projects can turn from dreams into nightmares if they aren’t handled properly. The best way to successfully complete a remodel is to get all your facts straight ahead of time. Here are 4 things all DIY renovators need to do.

Look at your whole house, not just one room

This sounds opposite from the accepted knowledge that you should…


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Update for June 25th 2014

This is just an update of how I'm doing these days.

I have been busy watching the World Cup Soccer and Go USA! 

My stock on empireavenue has been doing really good and is at 287.21e and my Dividends is at 0.54.

As for me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube I'm doing Great.

Also I have a new Blog at…


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Lunatics Another reason I like Flash

Still a lot of great flash based stuff out there, and more always being created. Piles of games still available online as well.…


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Hi fellow geekies

Just wanted to wave a friendly hand to all my fellow geeksters. I love listening to Chris and Diana it is hard sometimes because I get busy but I hope to be able to check in here more often and to share and learn from others who love all things geeky 

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Thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online?

For a couple weeks I've been tossing up whether or not to buy the Imperial Edition.

I played a bit of the BETA, and for a short time (slow internet that day, got kicked) and can't say I was that impressed.

But, with that said, because I ~did~ get kicked, in BETA, I didn't really get to experience much at all, and my opinion is pretty small on it. It seemed kind of average from what I played, but I didn't get far enough in to really see the full…


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Why We're Making Changes to This Network Soon

Hey Geeks,

Chris set up this resource several years ago because Chris wanted to create an environment outside of WordPress where we might be able to connect with one another and share ideas.

Years later, Chris has discovered that countless pieces of copyrighted material had been lifted from across the Internet and planted on this site. This has created problems for our entire business model.

Plus, Ning decided to jack up the hosting rates to the point where Chris could…


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