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4 things all DIY home renovators should plan on doing

It’s summer, prime time for finally getting to all those neglected, long dream of home renovation projects. However, those projects can turn from dreams into nightmares if they aren’t handled properly. The best way to successfully complete a remodel is to get all your facts straight ahead of time. Here are 4 things all DIY renovators need to do.

Look at your whole house, not just one room

This sounds opposite from the accepted knowledge that you should…


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National Wildlife Federation Highlights Ecotech Institute’s Sustainability Efforts

The National Wildlife Federation recently published a sustainability case study by Ecotech Institute, the first and only college entirely focused on preparing students for careers in renewable energy and sustainable design.

The document, compiled by Kyle Crider, centers on Ecotech Institute’s groundbreaking sustainability efforts at its flagship campus in the Denver Metro area. Crider… Continue

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Check out my beautiful new artwork

Click here to read my complete blog:

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iPhone 4G "Death Grip" DEMO

It's seriously a problem that I hope Apple can come up with a solution for…

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Dual CSS

Here's a cool css trick to add to your website to change the design of your site depending on if the viewer/user is using a Mac or PC (make them feel special eh? lol)...

Just copy the code and paste it into the <HEAD> section of your page.....

<script type="text/javascript">

var csstype="inline" //Specify type of CSS to use. "Inline" or "external"

var mac_css='body{font-size: 14pt; }' //if "inline", specify mac css here

var… Continue

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Domaining, Developing,Designing Blog check it out!

Hello finally my blog has been launched:

For future competitions make sure to follow me on twitter: ,

I am going to give away a webhosting package very soon, to celebrate the launch of my blog.

Please give me feedback about my blog, I designed it.

My blog main topics are Domaining, Developing,… Continue

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Website Update:

I have two new websites, I have been working on them. They are finally ready for a preview.

Please give me feedback. - Over 15000 recipes! - My personal blog

Kind Regards
Cody James

Follow me on twitter

for frequent updates!

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My new E-book "A World Without Suffering" is released

Download here

Which is the Extended Cut

I speak on a number of topics in this book about why it is so important for all of us to awaken to what is important in our world.

I bring up topics about War, politics, slavery, education, communication, environment, waste and recycling, money, government, consumerism, the venus project,… Continue

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Need geek help with National Youth Rights Day

Okay, kick me out if you like, but I really am a geek (since age 13), and I need some assistance. I'm working with the National Youth Rights Association to create the first annual National Youth Rights Day, to be held on April 14, 2010. We need proposals from young people for the website design. Check out for details. Oh, and my YouTube video - about me meeting a beautiful female android in Japan - has had over… Continue

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GEEKS Design rocks!

I have recently discovered your website in Google and I want to say that the web designing of your site is made professionally, with creative approach. I would like to get a similar website design of social network. Can you suggest where I can get it online?

Added by Ben Hurtisson on October 24, 2009 at 12:13pm — 1 Comment

Photo Manipulation for - not so professional - professionals

In my profession as a graphic designer, I often work with some cutting edge software for manipulation. Everything from RAW processing software to Photoshop et al. Everything is hunky dory - no real problems, everything works well.


There are exceptions to every rule right? We know that. Recently a friend of mine asked me to look at some photographs he had taken at his daughters school play. The colours were really way off due to artificial (and garish) stage… Continue

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YouTube Channel Beta

Recently YouTube has released a BETA for users profiles that is easier to use. While I did try it for a while some of the positioning was off and hard to read. But I am sure YouTube will get it right.

Well, here are a few features:

  • Visitors can browse through and watch your uploads, favorites, and playlists without needing to leave your channel.
  • You can customize and design your channel (and the videos on it) without ever leaving the page
  • Channels are…

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How to get your web fonts sorted - and listen to some cool, fresh, NEW music too!!

Hi folks,

Langleyo here again. Sorry i've not posted much, but I have been busy helping design a new website with one of my workmates.

He's a musician, and he and his partner wanted some help with a website they were constructing. Problem was, the existing coding was a bit shaky, and the menu jumped about all over the place. But the HARDEST thing was getting the darned site to play ball with standard browser fonts!

Of course my friend WOULD choose a font that… Continue

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Add a wallpaper to your Google home page!

Today, many users want to have the following things in their computer:



So, I found out how to make a NICE Google home page.

Today, I logged on to Facebook, and I saw the following:

So, I clicked on "Add wallpaper to your Google homepage". It brought me to the website called

I saw different backgrounds that I can apply to Google page. So, now I have this home… Continue

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Vertical Time Management for the Obsessive Compulsive Perfectionist

I've always struggled with keeping a schedule and staying on top of my tasks. I keep thinking I've got to be more rigid, mapping out every hour of my day and I make these complicated time maps that are supposed keep me in line and on task.

But you know what? I'm just not built that way. I get so engrossed in whatever I'm doing that I find it near impossible to break away before I've even had a chance to sink my teeth into it. Whether it's reading a good book, responding to emails,… Continue

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Domains Sold – PortFolio Cleaned!

The domain market has been slow the past couple of months, well lets face it most markets have. But I managed to sell some off my crap domains, I think the price in which I sold them all was cheap but they were taking up space and had to go.

I got $100 AUD (Australian currency) which is about $84 USD (American Dollar)

These are the domains I sold: – Domain – PR 1 website – Domain… Continue

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There's something I've noticed in the last couple of years. More and more games come with level editors, character editors,... and I think that is great because creativity is realli important. For me, creativity is the most important thing in the world, I like to be creative. I'me not good at drawing, don't ask me to make a sculpture, but give me a program like garageband, and I'll be amused for hours. But I also really like to make games.

One day, I was searching for a good game… Continue

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Noobs effecting game design!

It seems that over time many people have forgotten the most important ingredient to a good gaming experience, the good game, and by game Im not referring to shader effects, high polygon counts, compelling story or any of the other irrelevant nonsense - I don't give a submarining fuck about. I mean the actual gameplay, the part where you get stuff to interact with other stuff and your brain generates fun, if I wanted a compelling story Id read a book, there's only a few million of them already… Continue

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What Does Your Business Card Really Say?

So this past week I had the task of coming up with some business card designs for the company. Some for the Sales Associates that will be working with us and some for the executives in the company. I got to thinking about just how much of a marketing and branding tool a business card really is. What does your business card say about you? Does it say that you are still sitting in the 90's when it comes to how you want to promote your business? Are you unique or are you still using the same plain… Continue

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html design

I'm going to teach myself all about using html this summer, any advice? I think i'm going to use Nvu.. help wanted

Added by T on May 4, 2009 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

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