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GoingOn’s Expanded Network Provides Colleges & Universities With an Innovative Platform For Building a Modern, Connected Campus

GoingOn Networks, Inc. today announced the latest release of the GO Platform, a modern, socially powered campus communications and collaboration environment that allows faculty, students and administrators to more effectively connect, converse and engage across all aspects of their academic life experience.  With this release, GoingOn has significantly enhanced its Virtual Commons, providing users with easier ways to search, share and manage…


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Angel on the Threshold

Holzfigur Engelchen auf Halbmond » by 4028mdk09)…


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Funny Tech Stories


I created this website so people could share funny and embarrassing tech related stories, the site works the same as Fmylife and mylifeisaverage but its always tech related!


please support us and check it out, post,comment and like the fan page: …


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Having trouble with you iPhone's battery life?

                Have you ever got the 20% battery remaining or even the 10% battery remaining message and thought to yourself, man that went quick! I have an iPhone 4, Verizon, and the battery lasted about a day. I thought this was great, as I use my phone a lot and receive a lot of texts, emails, push notifications, ECT.  Last night I got home late and usually just make it to bed in time to charge my phone. But this time it shut down and went to the low battery screen were you must plug it…


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Thought i share my brother's first youtube series of videos (Half-Life Uplink)

My brother decided to do his own youtube series based on Video Game Commentaries. Not like any lets play videos but more like talking in depth on keyparts and what not.


I hope you enjoy the first video Of Half-Life Uplink that took him about 3-4 weeks to do.

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Why Try?

Why Try?


Simple question alright. Doesn't even use any vowels.  I met Bill Cullen yesterday, an Irish entrepreneur who works 20 hour days and had more work to do than time would seem to permit. Despite being 70, he can still touch his toes with his wrists. His enthusiasm and joie de vive were really rather infections. 


All throughout the lecture he gave to graduates like myself, I kept thinking, why did he bother? Here stands a man who gets 4 hours sleep every…


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Funny tech stories

Today, my teacher was raging at the class because we wouldn't stop talking. He lent over to the board and fell off his chair. The whole class started laughing, he slowly got up and just sat for about 10 minutes without saying a word. Best computer class ever! MLIT


Find many more funny tech stories at: MyLifeIsTech

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Funny Tech Stories

I have created a website for people to read and post those embarrassing tech moments: Funny Tech Stories


This is a story taken from the homepage:

Today I finally received my computer from ebay, took me 6 months to save enough money. Realized the ram was just pieces of cardboard shoved into the motherboard.MLIT 

Please check it out and leave feedback in the comment section below!

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Nintendo 3DS - My Thoughts in Video

My Video explaining the Nintendo 3DS 

I know there are a lot of these but I just had to put my 2 cents in.

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Nintendo 3DS - My thoughts

We have probably all heard of this new Nintendo 3DS with rumours circulating since LAST YEAR. 


If you follow Tech News, you would have probably have heard that the new 3DS has been announced for release on March 27th 2011. 


First off, I'd like to say, as an owner of a DS, I know full well that a lot of these devices are "frowned upon" and to be honest, I never play my DS anymore. 



The screens on the 3DS are in…


Added by Will Z on January 21, 2011 at 12:00am — 1 Comment

BlackBerry Balance announced, gives your phone a split personality

You might recall that VMware  has teamed up with LG to separate the "work" and "life" environments on your Android phone into two distinct, secure platforms, which has some pretty obvious benefits -- as more people want smartphones in their personal lives, IT departments can still… Continue

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Day in a life of TechJohnson

I feel like blogging has become a job now in which I don’t get paid for. Blogging takes a lot of work and lately, I haven’t had the time or energy to do so. With that being said, I’m going to create

this blog post about my boring day. This

is mainly an everyday thing, so I’ll give you a rundown of a “Day in the life

of TechJohnson.”

First off, every morning, I wake up and hop right into the…


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Get more out of your macbook (all models) whilst out on the road!

Where I live, I have around 1 hour each way to and from work, instead of taking the car, I like to be green and take the train to and from work - this also has the added advantage that I save alot of money at the same time :o)

As I am commuting to and from work so much, I wanted something to do whilst on the train, I invested in an Macbook Pro 13" for the journey. I had tried an Lenovo netbook, but the fact that it struggled to even open Firefox was enough for me to see…

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A New Monkey In Blogger Town

From outer space, wearing a white jump suite with a cuban in his mouth with an incredulous aura surrounding him comes a man to save this world from its destructive destiny. With the hand of god on his head, he works and works to save the people from their own future. Is he a man or a prophet or god himself in an alien's avatar?

In the end he saves everyone by sacrificing his life and people start following his teachings and a new religion is born and before we realize, we…

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Life and Purpose

For a few days now, I've been trying to figure out the meaning of purpose and the purpose of life. I came pretty close to a final answer after a close call on my motorbike. More personally, what might my own purpose be?

Then I realised I didn't have a purpose, nor did I need the burden of trying to find one. I'm just like everyone else. Completely unique.

Have you discovered your purpose yet?


Added by Shtanto on August 30, 2010 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

You are what you think

You can read books like The Secret, The Power Of Now, and many others and the underlying message in all of these books is basically the same. You are what you think. If I think of myself as a success then I will feel successful. People will look at me and recognize a "good vibe". Then may not recognize why, but I have lots of people commenting to me on a regular basis about how they always enjoy talking to me because I am always positive. My secret - I always remember that my life is amazing… Continue

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Forever Connected

Currently you are connected to millions of computers all over the world. If someone wanted to they could check where you live, who your talking to and what sites you visit. If you own a smart phone the likelihood is that you are constantly connected to everyone you know, as well as everyone on the world wide web, every minute of every hour of every day. With people becoming ever more reliant on these machines it now makes it practically… Continue

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Moving Forward 3 Years Later

There comes a time in everyone's life when we must make the decision to step up to the plate. I have just recently had to make this decision myself, and plan on honing my tech skills by re-enrolling in school. I say re-enroll because I was supposed to attend collage in March of 2007, however my dad had a heart attack a couple of months prior and I had to stay home to take care of him. Now things have changed, and since we have decided to start over in my home state of Texas (Technically I'm… Continue

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A Personal Reflection

Originally posted on

My personal feelings and emotions I try to keep to myself, and many times I am unsuccessful. I am one of those people who wear their emotions on their sleeves. Throughout my life I have always tried to make since of the world around…


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My New Steam Account

i got me a steam account and i got me a few games such as
Gmod, Half-life 2 Deathmatch, Half-life 2, and counter-strike, if you wanna add me and play online with me heres my nick name and i know but i think its a funny (just telling you ahead of time) my name is Toe-May-Toe add me and we will play online together

Added by Justin Sanders on March 12, 2010 at 3:39am — 2 Comments

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