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"Don't do as I do, do as I say." - your friendly neighborhood police officer

Well, is talking on a cell phone while driving to be considered dangerous, or isn't it? We're bombarded with messages on a regular basis, decrying the usage of cell phones while driving. We've been repeatedly told that using a cell phone, whether via a hands-free headset or not, is equivalent to driving while intoxicated (DWI). Do you believe that? Do you agree with that?

I think that there must be some 'spin' at work here. Why do I say that? Because from my little suburb, I have… Continue

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Decimate does *not* equal annihilate

One of my peeves is when people use words, and it's obvious from the context that they don't know the meaning of the word.

One of the words that people use *incorrectly* is decimate. From the context, it's obvious that they meant something closer to annihilate.

Historically, to decimate simply means:

-to select by lot and kill one tenth of. The clue was the 'deci' prefix

-to reduce by one tenth

But it is currently being used as if to indicate exactly… Continue

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Where do I begin...

Well, 'they' say that a blog is a personal journal, expressing the personality of the author. With that in mind, recall that somewhere else up in the profile, regarding the one-line bio, I used the adjectives 'opinionated' and 'contrarian.' So, if you read any further, expect it, and don't be surprised, and if you still read it, you lose the right to 'complain' about it as well. It's likely I'll fall back and write about my peeve dejour, as I seem to have so many.

I'm also not sure… Continue

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