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Why tax cuts should NOT cost money...

Every time the issue of tax cuts comes up, the argument that it is (cutting taxes) going to cost us money follows soon after...


That is the worst argument I have ever heard.  The US government is supposed to be working for us, the American people, and doing what we, as a people tell them to do.  When Obama or any other big government guy starts saying, 'well how do you plan to pay for these tax cuts?'  You have reached your first problem.  Those who make that argument are…


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Literary Analysis.



  This is a literary analysis of the works of AYn Rand that I had to write for AP English.  Hope you enjoy.


            "Who is John Galt?"  Is he the man who while sailing through a terrible storm found the city of

Atlantis that was lost to man, shining on the floor of the ocean, who sank his boat and went down with his

entire crew to reach it?  Is he the greatest explorer that ever lived, who…


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The Economy.

For the past two years we have been living through economic turmoil, no matter where you are in the World, some people have it worse than others, Greece for example is boarder line collapse, and the € & $ are crashing.

Leaders from almost every country have put forth a plan and implimented said plan, and things continue to g down hill. Obama has been trying to convince the European countries that the answer to all our problems is to spend more money and put us farther into debt. I… Continue

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My analysis on...

As a little series I am thinking about starting my blog I will give analysis on news articeles, and other op-eds.

I will put the full text of his article here, then my response bellow.

Nine Myths about Socialism in the United States

-Monday 12, April 2010

By: Bill Quigley

Glenn Beck and other far right multi-millionaries are claiming that the US is hot on the path toward socialism. Part of their claim is that the US is hot on the path toward socialism.… Continue

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Failure of the Obama regime in the BP oil spill.

Before I get into this post,I want to make it clear that I and no one else is expecting Obama to go down and literally 'plug the damn whole' him self. What we want is some leadership from the president ((real meaningful action that will help.)) Below I will go into how Obama & his administration have helped to make the spill worse than it could have been.

1. Within the first week of the spill, many of our allies offered their help ((w/ ships to assist in the clean up efforts, etc))… Continue

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YAY missinformation

Don't know how many of you saw Obama's address to the nation, but he said some thing that was so untrue I had to head-desk.

He said that essentially the reason we are a mile out in the ocean is because we are running out, that is the biggest loads of BS I have heard in a while.

The only reason we are so far out is because the government has made it impossible to get the oil that is on land and near shore. They have pushed these oil companies out in to mile deep water, so when… Continue

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This is scary.

A publishing company put the following disclaimer on a book that contained the US Constitution, Common Sense, The Federalist papers, etc.

“This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today.”

The disclaimer goes on to tell parents… Continue

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Sweet quotes from Atlas Shrugged.

As many of you know, I LOVE Atlas Shrugged, it is my #1 book. And figured I would post some sweet quotes from the book ((Of course these are only a hand full)).

1. "If that's the price of getting together, then I'll be damned if I want to live on the same Earth with any human beings! IF the rest of them can survive only by destroying us, they why should we wish them to survive? Nothing can make self-immolation proper. Nothing can give them the right to turn men into sacrificial… Continue

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Looks like the Tea Party pulled it off.

The Tea Party has shown it is not some fringe movement in the country. In the elections last night, Rand Paul, a strongly backed by the Tea Party, beat the incumbent RINO republican ((RINO = Republican in name only)).

And based on the trend this year so far, conservatism is gaining strength in the country. However, w/ that said members of BOTH parties need to be on the look out, if you are a big government person, support budget increasing programs, and support the obama, reid, &… Continue

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Dow down 1,000 points due to Europe debt fears.

Greece is collapsing from all its debt and gov. promises to people, and we are following the same road here in the US...Any one see a problem here ?!

And a final thought, for all of you who think that the conservatives / tea partys / libertairians are full of sh***t. Think about this, less than a year ago Ron Paul said Greece would have riots in the streets due to the debt and he was literally laughed at, and look what is happening.


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At what point does criticizing become 'bullying'?

When a fat person where tight jenes or a shirt that is to short and leaves the stomach hanging out, a congressamn from georgia says that guam will flip over, a drugie runs into a wall, or some one in your class asks a rly stupid question, what do you do? Do you laugh, maybe make a crack or two, or even criticize that? At what point does legitimate criticism become bullying? ((This a question that was raised to today.))

My deffinition of criticizing:

Criticism is…


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Personal responsibility

I was watching TV last night and on te news they where talking about how there is this group of health Nazi's trying to get rid of Ronald McDonald. They called Ronald the 21st equivalent of a deep fried Joe Camel, they said that Ronald McDonald was causing serious health issues amoung kids, by teaching them bad eating habits. WTF! It is called parents being repsonsible, if you child is fat or un healthy, here is a strange idea, instead of waiting for some idiot in Washington to pass another… Continue

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Nothing has yet compared to what they did over the summer when they literally crashed every thing, but it is close. Today they put in a new proxy server, and well, to say the least everyone in the tech Dep. should be fired. Or any one who has any responsibility with implimenting this stuff.

When they put the new proxy in, they might as well have unplugged the internet, because that is essentially what they did.

Here is a list of the things that they blocked /…


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Up-Date on fail Dep.

Well, found out why or tech dep fails so much, we still don't have a tech director, our school is running w/ about 4 people in the entire tech dep. God for bid any thing happens to any of the servers and we will be up shit creek to say the least. I believe we have been w/ o a tech director since the summer when they epic failed and crashed the enitre districts network.


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Fail Dep. ((Refering to school's Tech. Dep.))

The Tech. Dep. at our school really sucks. first thing they did to prove their fail was when they tried to go from a novel service to windows and successfully crashed the school's servers, they failed so much the school has fired most of the tech staff and brought in people from grand Rapids to try and fix every thing. Well those people are almost as dumb, or who ever they take orders from are retarded. because they have blocked every thing under the sun. Almost every thing is blocked besides… Continue

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Stupid things I have heard people say this year.

So as some of you have probably read in previous blog posts, there are some less than smart people at my school, and some of the things they say is funney and at the same time depressing because they should not be in 11th grade. [[Note: Ye might have a hard time beliving what they have said, but I can assure you this is what they said]]

1. During a talk about the weapons used during world war 1, we were talking about how the flame throwers were used, and how much it would suck to be…


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Saw Fireflight @ the local Civic Center!

So Yesterday, Tuesday (10-6-2009) i saw Fireflight, they where on the hope tour and some how Cadillac made it on that list, they where amazing, if any of you have never heard of Fireflight I STRONGLY encourage you to check them out, here is a good play list from some on YouTube, listen to several of their songs before deciding you don't like them, but I am sure it will only take one!


That was probably the most eventful thing Cadillac will see for a while… Continue

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Yet ANOTHER glitering Jewel of colasol ignorance...(sigh)

So my schoold had to build a new network basically because the software they used for us to log onto the server was no longer supported by the company. So they switched to a windows log in to get to the server, so while they where doing that they successfully corupted the file server, so for the first two weeks of school we had NO computers in the enitre district. But that is not what this forum post was about, that was just a little bit of nessesary back ground info. (((They failed os much it… Continue

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We are living in Idiocracy Part #2.

Well, didn't take long, but I saw a shining example of RAGING stupidity today in my 1st - Hour. ((WARNING: Any one w/ a BASIC knowledge of the geography OF THE STATE YOU LIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! would know this.

Today, my teacher was doing a leason to show how geography can affact hiastory. So he had us draw a mental map of the US & lable the rivers, mountain, major population centers, etc.

And some one asked I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!! ("Is the thing above the Mackinaw bridge… Continue

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School is about to start and this schedule is going to make me scream GAHHHH!!!

So yea, school starts in about 7 days ((I go back Sep. 8)) and I got my class schedule for this year, and well...I thought I had a lot of work last year, well this year is a TRILLION times worse...

Term Period Course

T1 P1 U.S. Hist & Geog. (part A)

T1 P2 Psychology

T1 P3 Nat'l Policy (Part A)

T1 P4 Algebra 2 (Part A)

T1 P5 Chemistry (Part A)

Term Period Course

T2 P1 English 11 A

T2 P2 U.S. Hist & Geog. (Part… Continue

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