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How to get started with Adobe After Effects

Hi All,

In this post, I am aim to teach how to, and how not to get started with Adobe After Effects. First of I will tell you the don't, then I will give you the classic step-by-step guide on what to do. I hope this helps:


Ok, if you have just purchased After Effects, you will NOT be making the lightsaber effect. You will NOT be animating in 3D. You will NOT be doing anything remotely interesting to start with. Sorry to disapoint you, but if you want a… Continue

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Make A Greenscreen

Are you a budding filmmaker, but don't have the money to get a green screen? There are now a couple of ways that you can get one without paying $600 at a retail store!

Option 1:


You can get green screens for pretty cheap on here! Just be careful that the person is truthful!

Option 2:


This method may be a little less trustworthy, but if you meet the person and see the product first hand, this is a great… Continue

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How to get started on Being a Graphic designer

Hi guys,

In this post I want to talk you about how to get started with graphic design if you have never done any before. I will take you through step by step to introduce into the world of pixels and layers! Okay, so here we go:

1. Your first stop should be to get some software. MS Paint is not an option, so forget that now! Head over to or to get some awesome high quality free graphics software. The Paint.Net application is very simular to Photoshop,… Continue

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Macs Dont Get Virruses

There are a lot of fanboys on the web, whether they be Microsoft, Apple, Playstation or X-box, there are loads of them. They all have one thing in common, a set of facts (although not always entirely acurate) that they use to try and prove there point. Now, in the case of Mac fanboys, a popular one is 'Mac's never get viruses'. So today I want to explain that to you. The truth, the lies, and where it comes from.

The truth is, they are pretty much telling the truth. Macs will rarely… Continue

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Notebook or Netbook

This question is asked alot when people are going to buy a new laptop. But often, people dont no the difference in a NOTEBOOK and a NETBOOK

A Notebook is your basic laptop. 2GB Ram, A good HDD with Vista preinstalled.

A Netbook is a Smaller laptop. By smaller, alot smaller. A 10” screen, with 1GB Ram, A Great HDD and/or SSD (Solid Sate Drive) but with a terrible Video Memory (8mb to 16mb).

Now, when you are faced with this choice of new… Continue

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