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"5 Ways to be Successful at Work"

If you heed these five hints, you'll not only contribute to your job security; you'll also win your boss's admiration and appreciation -- as well as a little loyalty.

1. Be humble. In other words, be mindful of the fact that it's not all about you. Says Levit, "Don't approach your boss with a sense of entitlement, as though he is personally responsible for furthering your career. Instead, focus on learning what you can do to make his life easier, contribute to your company's goals, and make him look good to his boss."

2. Be honest. Everyone makes mistakes -- and you're no exception. Be forthcoming about it from the start. "Admit if you do something wrong, and then ask your boss how you can rectify the situation. Don't allow yourself to get caught in a maze of lies or excuses that will result in a loss of credibility," she advises.

3. Be respectful of the boss's time. If you think your plate is full, consider that of your boss. Use your time together wisely and efficiently. Levit suggests, "Appear in her office with a checklist of things you need to cover, and don't dwell too long on any particular subject. Your boss will be more receptive to meeting with you if she knows you'll be in and out of his office quickly."

4. Be self-sufficient. Be mindful of the fact that your supervisor doesn't have the bandwidth to hold your hand through every crisis or help you make every difficult decision that lands on your desk.

"Only approach your boss with a problem or complaint if you've explored all options for resolving it yourself. When you do, be prepared to have a solution at hand that you could implement with her help," says Levit, who is also a contributor to The Wall Street Journal.

"Choose your battles wisely, and decide carefully if bringing an issue to your boss's attention is really necessary or if you would be better off letting it go," she adds.

5. Be a "can-do" employee. Redefine the concept of a "yes man" (or "yes woman") at the office. She advises, "When your boss asks you to do something, accommodate him, if possible. The words 'I don't have time' should never escape your lips. If you know something needs to be done, do it without being prodded, and if your boss asks for help in a group setting, be the first to volunteer."

If you're always amenable, Levit believes, "Your boss will quickly come to see you as a huge asset to the team and as someone he can count on."

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Comment by YOGESH PAWAR on January 31, 2010 at 1:08am
well i love to be humble and honest to my work, i do most of all in the list, but, anyway thanks;-)
Comment by Franky Juarez on November 19, 2009 at 11:00pm
One and two! very good! :)
Comment by iThomasina on November 19, 2009 at 5:37pm
Excellent list! One and two are character traits that will take you far in all aspects of life.
Comment by Franky Juarez on November 19, 2009 at 2:31pm
That's right Cookenstein! many people struggle with it. :)
Comment by Annie K on November 19, 2009 at 10:26am
all good which I would add one more from my experiences. Make sure to let your boss know when you are going above and beyond - just a simple update sent to your boss with the work you have done is sufficient.

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