Call of Duty is one of my favorite game series ever. It is an incredible first person shooter experience with incomparable online multiplayer and unforgettable stories. Their latest installment to the series Black Ops is no disappointment in my collection. I decided for this game I was going to go all out and purchase the Prestige Edition for my PS3. It included an awesome remote control “RC-XD Bomb car” directly from the game that transmits color video and audio to the remote, a Black Ops medal in a case, a collectable cell and the game in a metal case as well as an avatar costume for PS Home. I haven’t played the campaign all the way as I have spent most of the week on my favorite part, the multiplayer. That is what I am going to focus on in this post.

Immediately after sliding the disc into my PS3 I gravitated to the multiplayer section where I engaged in a friendly game of free-for-all. Ok let me say the obvious, this multiplayer is a lot like the multiplayer on Halo Reach, it has a mini map of the world with lit up areas people are playing on, little notes about the game streaming on the bottom and most importantly a credit system for buying upgrades. On reach you can upgrade your armor but on here you have to unlock weapon, perks and the like and then save credits to buy them. At first I didn’t like this system at all, I thought if I unlocked it I shouldn’t have to pay or if I have to pay I shouldn’t have to wait to unlock, but now the system seems to flow nicely, especially since I have unlocked and bought the gun and combination that I like. The gameplay online is very nice, it does have times of horrible lag and load times however most of the time it went smoothly. Again like halo you get the option of 2 maps or random and you can vote along with fellow players, I liked this system a lot.

Finally on Call of Duty online there is split screen multiplayer! Yes you can now play with your friends on the same screen online, however they have to piggy back on your account as they cannot sign in with their own account like they can on Xbox 360. I have lost sleep playing multiplayer.

ZOMBIEEZZZ!!! Are back again on Black Ops after going missing on Modern Warfare 2 and they are coming back strong. There are new maps including one where you can play as JFK, Castro and Nixon in the pentagon. Zombies never get old on Call of Duty. The campaign is just as epic as ever making you feel like you are right in it. I remember the first thing I noticed about this game is the aiming and shooting system of the guns. It is much more realistic, I mean there is kickback now like in real life which makes aiming more difficult which is actually an improvement. The new killstreaks online are fun like the RC-XD bomb car which you get after 3 kills.

I highly recommend Call of Duty Black Ops to a user of any system from a PS3 to a PC. If you want to play online on a PS3 with me my account name for PSN is: theneo739

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Call of Duty Black Ops, feel free to email me at


Matt Harris

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