Apple's Solution to iPhone 4 Antenna Problems, A FREE BUMPER CASE?!

So everybody probably knows by now that Apple's solution to fixing the iPhone 4's antenna issues is a bumper case, now being offered by Apple for FREE! wait...what the hell, your serious right? crap they are to, oh well.

Ok so what if you don't want the bumper case, even though it does protect the product, just what if.
Isn't this device suppose to be really sleek and thin? what does a bumper case do, it makes it bigger, it makes it fatter, though not by very much apparently. Still this is ridiculous, once again Apple and Hitler *cough* i mean Steve jobs is demonstrating that they really don't care, if you don't like it then send it back within 30 days undamaged for a full refund, that's typical. I'm not particularly suprised, but i feel very stupid to of believed that Apple would actually recall all of these and FIX IT HARDWARE WISE?

So, i know Apple's been doing financially well lately with that ipad and this new iPhone.
So what makes it so hard to just recall the 3 million devices? Fix the problem, a bumper case, isn't a hardware fix. It's more so backing out of the problem, i thought they test their devices extensively before releasing them to the consumer market. Guess not.

Steve jobs was quoted saying that nobody is perfect, while that is true you sir have no right to say that all phones have this problem you blind idiot. Get with the program! So recalling the devices may be expensive, yes it's a money loss. Personally i don't think it would hurt you very much, considering your hardcore line of cultist followers would purchase the phone re-released, TESTED AND FIXED RIGHT?

So Fix it, WHY THE FREE BUMPER CASE? Honestly.

Oops i forgot to mention this retard quoted himself that iPhone 4 is the best smart phone in the world.
What the !@#%$ Guy is a moron, i can't believe somebody hasn't slapped him in the face yet, what competition quotes themselves saying that their product is the best in it's class, honestly, pompous ass much? This is not competition this just...just......!%@#% Anybody agree? (it's ok if you don't)

This is ridiculous, comments welcome of course.

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Comment by Gibson on July 19, 2010 at 5:38pm
Whats funny about that
Comment by Dean on July 19, 2010 at 4:34pm
lol Gibson.
Comment by George Burgess on July 19, 2010 at 11:15am
I agree the iPhone 4 should be recalled.
Comment by Gibson on July 18, 2010 at 10:42am
dean, i'm canadian, and you, step outside and scream the f word a few times ey?
Comment by Dean on July 18, 2010 at 1:25am
Yeah I miss being able to say damn or hell especially. I do it anyway when I'm around my friends or family but in general if you don't know a group of people and, to use a severe exaggeration, if a baby gets hit by a car and you're initial reaction is "Holy Crap!" then you might not say it.
Ironically the US is incredibly strict when it comes to cursing or sex on TV, or gambling, or brothels, and anything else you can think of but where people are more tolerant about all those things its less acceptable to curse.

He said "We work our asses off" twice, and when he was asked if Apple had prior knowledge of an antena problem he said something similar to "I assume you're refering to the somethingOrOther report. Yeah that wasn't true. It was complete bullshit."

I felt proud. I know it sounds pretty silly that I did, but a part of me still is never the less (like it or not) the product of society that birthed Jerry Springer and has enabled a lot of actors to stand on pretty high pedestals based almost entirely on language. Samuel L Jackson and Eddie Murphy come to mind.
It was more the recent revelation that American culture was like this and gratitude that I have a lot of people who don't care, here, when I let loose and relax, though, because I already had that on my mind from a day or two prior.
Comment by Gibson on July 17, 2010 at 10:30pm
u miss that?
He cursed 3 times?
like steve jobs would curse
Comment by Dean on July 17, 2010 at 10:15pm
You have to give him credit for cursing 3 times in 50 minutes in a press conference regardless of what you think about the phone or Apple's response to the complaints. As an American living overseas, I realised recently that a big part of my culture is being able to throw in a word here and there occasionally, in the pursuit of full self expression, and I miss that.

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