What exactly is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a internet based computing which has become very popular even though it is still in it's early stages of life. Such an example of a cloud computing operating system is Google's OS made controversial with it's release of the CR-48 Netbook's pilot program.
There are quite a few different types of cloud computing. Here is a general outline of it's most of it's counterparts:
    • SaaS: Desktop applications such as Google Apps
    • Utility Computing: Severs that offer online storage
    • MSP: One of the older and well-known types of Cloud computing. In summary, it manages the different tasks that needs to occur when you check your e-mail which, by the way, scans for viruses. There are also desktop apps that utilize MSP.
    • Internet Integration: The newest form of cloud computing still in it's early stages of youth. This deals with the integration of cloud-based software and computing.
     The web now encompasses many aspects of work that we use to do without the internet such as word processing, checking the calendar, reading the news, reading a book, and many more. Will cloud computing dominate the coming years of technology? Or will it burn out? 



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Comment by Will Z on February 6, 2011 at 3:35pm
Apple would lose some money with their 64,32gig configurations and then the iPod would have to have 3G...

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