The difference between computers and smart phones is that one can do more than another and the other fact is that a computer can do lots but can't be as potable and fit in your pocket. so you have to have both but when it comes down to it what I've notice with my wife she uses her iPhone more then her laptop. how about yourself?

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Comment by Gibson on February 2, 2013 at 7:44pm

used to own an iPhone 4. Now own a Galaxy Nexus. Made the switch because Android was capable of doing a little more, including the built in Flash. I Only use my Smart phone for the most basic cell phone useage, however at home i turn on the wi-fi and watch youtube or stream a movie or something off netflix when i'm sleeping. I Can check my email on it and stuff, and even view full web pages just fine on the 1280x720 4.65 Inch Screen but when it all comes down to the things my desktop can do it just doesn't compare. While phone's are technically little computers now, they have a long way to go before standing up to the conventional. Their also just to small right lol. One has to keep in mind the hardware in cell phones is slower then that of a laptop, witch in return is also slower then the full size components used in bigger computers.

Some people who do facebook, email, and check the weather via an app or through the browser included in the phone will get by with most smart phone's today, especially the larger tablet counter parts. Others however enjoy the Home computer setup. I have a hunch you do to, with the dual monitor setup at your desk :)

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