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Desktops Today and in the Past
Hello my fellow geeks. In this article I am going to be talking about the customisation of peoples desktops today. Many people have made huge numbers of applications that associate with the customisation of a person’s desktop. So how often do you change your Wallpaper? What programs do you use to do that? What’s your screensaver? e.t.c.
Today such programs that help the customisation of one’s desktop include Desktoptopia, Display Fusion and many more. These have been made by people for people to help with the customisation of desktops today. Years ago on old os’s such as window 98 you had a very bad selection of wallpapers to chose from and there were no programs or sites to download any new wallpapers from.
Today many people just go to the wonderful Google and search an image and “Poof” up comes a image which you can use as a wallpaper. There are many programs out like the one above Desktoptopia that saves the bother of one searching the web for new wallpapers every time the current wallpaper gets old.
Desktoptopia if you don’t know is a free program that changes your desktop wallpaper as often as you like with well-designed images: from abstract art to pictures of animals and nature.
I installed Desktoptopia and really liked the well-designed wallpapers that were put up on my desktop. Occasionally there was a wallpaper that I didn’t like, so I would right-click the Desktoptopia system tray icon and select “Next Background” and after that a new wallpaper would appear instead of the one that was there previously.
Through the Preferences option which I also found on the right-click menu of the system tray icon for Desktoptopia, I could change how often my wallpaper would switch for another one, as well as the categories from which the wallpapers would be chosen. At first I selected for my wallpaper to switch every minute, however I realized how nervous it made me feel with the desktop picture changing so frequently. So I changed it to 20 minutes, which I feel is a much better option. Those who like a certain background and don’t want it to change can use the right-click menu’s “Pause” option.
Also on Desktoptopia’s right-click menu, there is a “My Ratings” option which lets you rate wallpapers on a scale of 0 (”Reject”) to 5 stars.
Desktoptopia also has some other great additional features, such as multiple monitor detection, so that you can use different monitors to show the same or different backgrounds, as well as automatic monitor resolution detection, so that the desktop backgrounds are shown at the correct resolution.
DisplayFusion is a program that you just can Google and find it very easily and is free. DisplayFusion is probably my favourite desktop customisation application because it lets you choose up to two monitors the wallpaper you want on each.
The wallpapers are not random but are a selection of your choice from a file on your computer. The wallpapers chosen are of your own choice and in any arrangement across two monitors if you have them.
So is the desktop customisation industry growing? I think so, there are thousands of sites and programs to choose from that let you change your wallpaper, screensaver anytime you want. A new site seems to be going up every day.
Well on that bombshell good day to you fellow geeks.

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Comment by SassySweetBren on February 21, 2009 at 11:24pm
I really did enjoy reading your blog as you have put out some good information.

My thing is that when I am at my computer, it is on a page somewhere. If I am not using it, I switch off the monitor. It doesn't matter to me if I have wallpaper or a screen saver.

I suppose if I did a lot of things in the room where my computer is then, it might be appealing to see some fancy wallpaper or a bright flashy screen saver but I don't.

The frills that comes with that just isn't my thing.
Comment by Rex Torres on December 6, 2008 at 12:27pm
I totally agree, Warlock! Great sites like Desktoptopia make it fun to change, customize and modify the look and feel of your desktop more frequently! This used to be a pain a few years ago, and sites like these make it fun, fabulous, and free! Thank you so much for highlighting this website in this article! This has been a very useful bit of information!!!
Comment by David19876 on December 5, 2008 at 12:42pm
That is actually so true the way the desktop customisation has changed over time good blog intresting

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