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Does anyone miss the old fashion click wheel on ipods, or do you prefer the touch screen on all ipods

Today i went on a little trip with my old, but trusty Ipod video 5th generation, I realized how fun it was to rely on the click wheel and a very basic operating system. sadly ipod classics and ipod videos are becoming exticnt, iOS 5 looks like its killing click wheels. Its really preferance on what you need, Games, messages, music, internet on a limited 8gb space (which is more like 6.5gb with iOS expanded to control the device) or 160 GB of Pure Flash Space with very little space taken from the Hard drive, Not to mention the battery life from each device;  Ipod touch really depeneds on usage and wi-fi, but the Classic is a non-stop battery powered machine. People some times say that the ipod classic plays music 2 weeks of non-stop use. What do you think? Ipod Classic's Click Wheel or Ipod touch's touch display.

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