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Failure of the Obama regime in the BP oil spill.

Before I get into this post,I want to make it clear that I and no one else is expecting Obama to go down and literally 'plug the damn whole' him self. What we want is some leadership from the president ((real meaningful action that will help.)) Below I will go into how Obama & his administration have helped to make the spill worse than it could have been.

1. Within the first week of the spill, many of our allies offered their help ((w/ ships to assist in the clean up efforts, etc)) And we sent them a written denial of help. I for the life of me cannot understand the logic of this considering the Feds. knew we didn't have the necessary ships on hand that our law requires. So Obama & friends just hid behind the Jones Act. ((If you don't know what the Jones Act is look it up on Wiki))

2. Last week the Ships that we had out in the gulf doing what they could where shut down by the Coast guard for a 'Safety Check'.

3. Bobby Ginndel (Govenor of Louisiana I believe) Asked the Feds. ((I.E. Obama & friends)) for 26 Permits for Sand barriers to help protect the coast as much as possible. Well, not only did it take the feds 2 weeks to get back the Ginndel, but they only gave him 6. So he finally said essentially 'Screw you, we will do what is necessary...' So +5 to Gindel for amazing leadership. In fact, all the Goveners seem to do be a lot more competent than the Obama regime.

4. Obama is politicizing this to the extream. I cannot think of one policy Obama has the majority of support on, so he always needs a crisis to get any thing done. Which is why I believe they are dragging this out as far as they can. Lets not forget Rahm Emanuel saying, "never let a good crisis go to waste, and by that I mean by that is it is an opportunity to do things you couldn't get done before."

5. The Moratorium on drilling ((Thank god that it was over ruled today)). Every time a plan crashes, a ship sinks, a bridge collapses. We don't stop every thing. Why would any one in their right mind make an already horrid economic situation in the Gulf any worse than it needs to be?

Just a few thoughts, could go on, but I feel I have made my point.

BtW, Congrats to the Repub. from Texas ((cannot think of his name right now)) who called the 20 Billion slush fund what it truly is, a shake down. Not to mock the president but, let me be clear. I DO NOT have a problem with having B.P. pay for all of the clean up. However, w/ that said, Obama cannot simply put his 'boot on the throat of B.P.' and demand the 20 Billion, and then decided how it will be spent. We are a nation of laws ((At least we used to be)). Obama is over stepping his authority, I find it funney that when there is a republican in office the left contorts them selves about the separation of power, but when Obama starts trying to do any thing he damn well pleases it is okay...-sigh- ((That is why I call it the Obama Regime now))


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Comment by 0gref on June 22, 2010 at 9:40pm
Spot on! Encore!

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