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Free but awsome tiny image editor

Free, tiny, fast stand alone (no installer -option 2, OR you can choose option 1 that has an installer) image/picture editor I found. Has a lot of functions for it's tiny size, including scans and saving as PDF and many other types of image formats. (w00t!) Make a folder where you want it to live, copy FreeVimager.exe there and run it from there. Make a shortcut to your Desktop or Start Menu if you want. If you wish to make it your default picture viewer/editor, right click a jpeg or any other picture format, then click "open with" and navigate to the folder and click on FreeVimager.exe.,com_remository/Itemid,34/...

More details here:

I liked it so much I donated, dang nice piece of software. 

It's like a MICRO Photoshop!

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Comment by Dillor Zaarour on June 8, 2014 at 11:18am

Sounds like PhotoFiltre 

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